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Please help me fix these and add some information for me. Thanks?

The question is "Why are these people important during the past and today?". (it looks like essay) Please help me fix it and add some more information. Thanks.

1. Bell, Graham Alexander was important because he created the telephone. it helped develop the communication during the past. Now it still very essential, we can use it to communicate from everywhere.

2. Cleveland, Grover was important because his invention in Pullman Strike of 1894 kept the railroads moving, it helped travel around the city. now he is still important because ( i really don't know how to explain)

3. he is emportant because he strenghthened Federal authority over the New York Customs House, stronghold of Senator Roscoe Conkling. he still important now because his achievement make the basic for the Federal authority to continue to improve.

4. Polk, James is important because he was the candidate who stood for expansion, linked the Texas issue, popular in South, attractive to North. he enlarged the U.S. a third. now he still important because of his achievement. (i really don't know how to explain his important now)

5. Pullman, George was important because he invented Pullman sleeping car, which was considered both safe and elegant. it helped people traveled around the city easily. now we still have car, and Grover's model of car maybe a part help inventor make those new car today.

6. Vanderbilt, Cornelius is important because he expanded and grew railroad business. he established a lot of lines throughout the country. he still important today because (i really don't know how to explain this again)

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    Dr. Alexander G. Bell also headed up a small organization of men interested in flight known as the EAE. Several of the members of that group are of interest, including Selfrige, the first Army officer to be killed in an airplane and Glenn Curtiss who went on to found his own aircraft company and later combined with the Wright Aircraft Company. Bell is credited with inventing Aileon technology which moved away from the Wright Brothers' and their "wing warping technology."

    Pullman's company, after his death was responsible for the interior of the "Air Force One" aircraft used by the President of the United States for many years.

    Vanderbuilt's railways, helped shrink a nation and move people, produce and cattle, ushering in the end of the cowboy era. Instead of long cattle drives using the Chisolm Trail, cattle were simply loaded into train cars and shipped cross country. His railways were the first "super highways" of the nation.

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