Camera Jibs? Where do I find affordable ones?

Just looking for opinions on bang for the buck on good video camera jibs. I am looking for various lengths ranging from super short all the way to arena size cranes. I am finding it difficult to even find vendors for super long jibs on line. Would appreciate any input. thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Be careful.

    The only affordable ones I found that are decent are the ProAm, GlideCam200 and Kessler. The crane is only part of it - the tripod needs to be a heavy duty one to support the weight of the crane and the camera - and the counterweights. You need a tripod that can support 40+ pounds or you can kiss you camcorder goodbye. Add in a monitor (how can you see what the camera sees?) and a LANC... The crane is merely part of a system...

    Arena sized cranes will be a lot of $. They will be custom and there won't be too many manufacturers out there.

  • 5 years ago

    Canon SX30 IS is not a small camera, but handles well and feels natural in your hands. As background, last X-mas I bought the SX20IS, took great pictures, but absolutely I did not want 4 AA batteries, that was a show stopper for me, so it was returned. I am so glad I held out and now own the SX30IS! I have only had the camera a little over a week and like other users, I am not able to put it down. I am still working through the available options on the camera, mainly using auto mode, but have switched to the sports shooting mode, wide angle, color options and have taken some video. The versatility of the screen to either flip out or fold over is wonderful and the live view is absolutely something I could not live without. Overall right now very pleased. Thanks Canon!

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