Who has seen a Celine Dion concert from her Taking Chances tour? Really no cameras? What about phones?

Hi I literally just bought and printed my Celine Dion tickets for her Taking Chances 2008 concert. I love her so much! The concert is next week!

I saw that on my ticket it said "No cameras/video/recorder." Will the people really check if I bring a camera? Well I won't bring a camera, but I need to bring my phone. I need it to call my friend who will sit basically across the stadium from me after the concert, and she's taking me back home. So my phone is really a necessity. My phone is a camera phone though...

To those of you who have attended Celine's Taking Chances Tour Concert, please let me know if they allow phones, especially camera phones.

If this will help, my phone is the Samsung G800. I really hope they allow phones, but I need to make sure. Did/could any of you bring your phones?

Also, how much does Celine's concert merchandise cost?

Like a T-shirt and a key chain.

Do you know of any cool things they sell?

Do I buy before or after the concert?

Sorry! I have a lot of questions, but if you could answer any or as many as possible that would be very helpful! Thank you!!!

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    It technically says "no cameras" on the tickets... but TONS of people bring them in anyway. If you want to bring a camera, just hide it properly and it won't be a problem. I have several purses that I have purchased specifically because they look good with my concert wear AND they have special hidden pockets or some feature of the design which hides my camera very well.

    They will totally let you bring your phone in! Don't even sweat it! I think most phones have cameras on them nowadays so it's not an issue. Everyone brings their phone, and tons of people use them to take pictures inside (and security doesn't care).

    I saw Celine's tour twice in Toronto, twice in Montreal, once in Sacramento, and am seeing her again in San Jose in two weeks. I brought in 1-2 small cameras plus a camera phone in my purse each time I went. The trick is to get past security at the door (where they check your ticket) and then you're free! Go to a line that's a little bit backed up and they'll rush you through without doing a very good check for a camera. :) I was in row 1 and 2 on the floor for two of the concerts and in very plain view of several security guards... I had my camera(s) out most of the time and they never said a word. Tons of other fans had their cameras out too and there was not a problem, I didn't see a single camera get confiscated.

    So, you can totally bring your cell phone... and if you really want to, and you hide it really well, you can probably sneak in a small camera!

    The merchandise is awesome, I just wish I could afford more of it! There are a TON of shirts, and most of them are pretty tasteful too. The shirts are about $40 each. They have programs which are $35. There are flashing glow sticks for about $12, lanyards to hold your ticket which are about $12. Posters are $10 or $15 I think. Set of three buttons/pins are about $10. Coffee mugs too, don't know the price. Oh, and a tote bag for $20. I think there are a few more items too.

    All prices are approximate since I've seen the show and scouted out the merchandise in both Canada and the US, I'm remembering some of the prices in US dollars, some in Canadian dollars. :)

    You can buy the merchandise either before or after the concert. I usually prefer to buy afterward because then I don't have to worry about spilling my drink on them, or stepping on it, or having to move my stuff when people walk by.

    Send me a message if you have any other questions about Celine's Taking Chances tour! Like I said, I've seen it 5 times already... It's FANTASTIC!!!!!

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    celine dion concert.. Death by stoning sounds to painful, and some of celines songs are very good..

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    my sister in law went and didnt taker her camera but she said there were alot of people that did and they didnt kick them out or anything

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