i don't get geometry proofs at all! can anyone help!?

given: angle AEC is congruent to angle DEB

prove: angle AEB is congruent to DEC

what are the reasons and statements my geometry teach said there are 5 or 6 steps!

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    Draw a circle with E as it's centre.Going around the circle in any direction make points A,B,C, and D in that order.

    AEB + BEC = AEC

    BEC + CED = BED

    AEC - BED = AEB + BEC - BEC - CED

    AEC - BED = AEB - CED

    If AEC = BED then

    AEC - BED = 0

    AEB - CED = 0

    AEB = CED

    But the problem is using DEB and DEC instead of BED and CED

    DEB = -BED and DEC = -CED so

    AEC + DEB = AEB + DEC

    If AEC = DEB then

    2 AEC = AEB + DEC

    And only if AEB = AEC does AEB = DEC

    but that means point B is point C

    If the angle DEB is loosely defined and DEB is the same as BED the above proof works

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