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What are the PROS & CONS as to making Banana Bread with a Cornbread Mix?

...yes, for a change I'm being serious.

Though not dismal--I mean, have fun with this if you wish...

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    Banana Bread is considered more of a Dessert. Cornbread is a staple regularly served at meals. Banana Bread is intended to be moist and sweet, having a nice, smooth consistency. Putting banana into the Cornbread mix, isn't going to change the consistency of the cornbread much. It will still be crumbly and not have a cake/bread texture.

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    Cornbread mix and bananas are cheap, so go ahead and give it a try, you may invent a new recipe. Personally, bananas and cornbread together don't sound appetizing at all but we all march to the beat of different drums. It's all in your own taste buds.

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    Oh, WOW!!! You could be on to something!! Instead of a corndog using a hotdog, you could make a...wait for it....Nana Dog! Cooooool! Oh, that's a pro, by the way. Let's seeeee....a con...umm, ok so maybe the thickness of the banana and the texture of the cornbread could increase the need for milk or something, I dunno. I just don't see anything wrong with this mixture I guess...

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    hmmm ... One of the Cons ... is that the all the Lil Monkeys in your area will be very disappointed at you foe tampering with their beloved Banana Bread that they will throw Poo at you in disgust!

    One of the Pros is that the LIL Monkey's in your area will be so tickled at a a ROCK-Man trying to bake that they are laying down 5:3 odds that you burn your house down. and if you do ... they will be standing by with a bucket of poo ... to throw on you to put you out!

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    Hmmmmm,,,,,,,,Elvis is that You ?

    hahaha !! LOL !!

    Never ever tried such a concoction

    but there is a first time for everything !!

    Heck,,,,,what's there to loose !!

    Source(s): " ENJOY " !!
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