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Question about las Vegas strip.?

I was ask to take a look at that map and list the name of the Hotel that is located across the street from Planet Hollywood hotel.

-I told that it was the Monte Carlo Hotel. apparently they say that is not correct. any suggestion?

Then i was ask to name two hotels on either side of New York New York. (one on left, and one on right)

- I listed Orleans and the MGM Grand.. was also told that it was wrong. Am i seeing something different here?

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    Look at this map of the strip

    The hotel directly across for PH is Bellagio and City Center.

    To the left of NYNY is Excalibur and to the right is Monte Carlo and part of City Center.

    The map you have is not very accurate. The map I provided is current and accurate. The Orleans is actually way behind NYNY on West Tropicana. You are looking at that map from the wrong perspective.

  • The problem is that the map does not show the proper dimensions. That's Because Ballys, Paris and Planet Hollywood are jammed very close together. I have been to Vegas many times and can tell you for certain that Ballys and Paris are directly across the street from Bellagio. And if/when you walk out of Paris and go across the street at the corner cross walk you will end up at the escalator that will take you up to a walkway going into Bellagio.

    But if you walk further south about 100 feet or so you go right into the Planet Hollywood shops and then its casino. All of that is just about directly across from what used to be the Jockey Club and the Jockey Club is being swallowed up by the new Town Center. So Planet Hollywood is across from the new Town Center.

    This map gives a better showing of those hotels:

    New York, Ny Hotel is on the corner of the Strip and Tropicana Avenue. On its south side, same side of the Strip but across the street, is the Excalibur Hotel. On its north side, same side of the street, is the Monte Carlo. Across from it on the East corner in MGM. The other corner is the Tropicana.

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    There is currently NO hotel directly across from PH. City Center is being built. PH is across the street between Bellagio and Monte Carlo (check

    You will see ALL the casinos. BTW Orleans is not on The Strip

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    Absolutely Bellagio is across the street from Plantet Hollywood and Paris and Bally's. I know for sure because I stay there.

    NYNY is between the Excalibur and the Monte Carlo.

    The Orleans is on the northwest corner of West Tropicana Avenue and Arville Road.

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    MGM is across from New York, New York. Across from Planet Hollywood is Monte Carlo

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    I didn't have any problem with the map. you might want to read it North/South and the long line is the strip. Go to another site like Google or Yahoo maps and you'll see a better picture.

    Orleans is 1.5 miles off the strip.

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