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why hasn't obama produced a valid birth certificate ?

this question isn't to get radical democrats pissed off, truth is im a democrat myself, but I'm for certain the birth certificate presented was a phony since the courts are ordering him to produce a valid one by Dec 1

please don't leave answers like "you really think the us would let that kind of thing happen." listen i'm not stupid just be mature about this im not trying to piss anyone off.

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    The latest theory from other “nut-jobs-just-like-me” - - (we may be right...)

    1.)Allegedly, Obama was born in Kenya, where his given name was “Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama”

    2.)Allegedly, no long form certificate record exists in Hawaii. The “original record”, as it was executed in many States back in 1961, was simply a little index card, or a 5” X 7” form, that was generally signed off on by a doctor, or a nurse, or a midwife, or whoever actually witnessed the birth. The so-called long form, if it exists, is the Holy Grail sought after in this particular exercise.

    3.)As this theory goes, Obama’s mom falsely “registered” his birth in Hawaii, using the so-called “short form by declaration” method (look it up) which was legal in Hawaii thru 1972, and could be legally executed based on only the testimony of the parent, with no evidence or doctor’s statement or hospital record.

    4.)A legal certificate can be produced from the short-form, and is generally not questioned. However, if Obama’s real birth certificate exists in Kenya, and if there is no long form on record in Hawaii, then the Supreme Court faces a Constitutional nightmare.

    . . .

    The above points, 1-4, exist as the latest theory regarding the Obama birth certificate issue. The “short-form by declaration” conspiracy is not a very complicated conspiracy, and if true, I am disappointed. I was really hoping for an elaborate and entertaining conspiracy. If Obama was born in Kenya, and if his mom simply traveled back to Hawaii with him shortly thereafter, and falsely declared his birth, then she alone broke the law, without the assistance of any co-conspirators.

    Too simple... (But, very plausible.)

    At last, I have found a “conspiracy” where the heart of the theory, as it has evolved, fits all known facts:

    1.)Obama’s Kenya Grandmom has testified that little Obama was born in Kenya

    2.)The Kenyan government will not admit if there is an Obama birth certificate on file in Kenya, and they have denied all access to any Kenya government records relating to Obama

    3.)The long form vault record in Hawaii, if it exists, has allegedly not been examined, and Obama has refused to allow it to be examined

    For those of you who still don’t understand birth certificates and birth records, please try to understand that there are three types of documents or records:

    a.)The so-called birth certificate, which we have all seen on the Internet, and which may be created at any time from the data contained in either the long form physical record or from the short form database record;

    b.)The short form record may exist on paper, or in a computer database, and in the case of the Hawaii “short form by declaration”, the registration made by Obama’s mom could easily be bogus. This is the conspiracy or simple fraud scenario illustrated in my points 1-4;

    c.)The long form physical record is harder to fake, and no one has seen that record. Again, the long form physical record, or “vault record”, must exist as a physical piece of paper, verifiably from 1961, and bearing the signature of witnesses and clerks.

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    The only reason Obama has to produce his birth certificate to the Supreme Court is because a guy named Philip J. Berg (a former Deputy Attorney for Pennsylvania) brought a lawsuit against him questioning his American citizenship. Apparently the court said that Berg's claim "lacked standing" for the case. Both parties are required to reply to the courts by December 1st of this year. I'm assuming what that means is that Berg needs to come back with more "standing" and that Obama must produce his birth certificate (because, as I'm sure you can deduce, if he can provide a valid one, the case doesn't need to go to trial). So basically both parties need to bring something to the table for the court to decide whether or not this case needs to go to trial. At least I THINK that's what's going on. I've heard a million different things from a million different sources, and you know how people like to twist things.

    As for what's taking so long, I don't know. But I'm sure we'll hear all about it soon enough. =o)

    EDIT: Okay, so Erik A was right about the Supreme Court - they hear cases, not determine whether they go to trial. But apparently, Berg filed a Writ of Certiorari that he and the Supreme court are waiting for Obama, the DNC and co-defendent's response on (in which they want to see Obama's birth certificate). That is what must be responded to by December 1.

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    He has produced one, as required when he filed to run for president.

    Lets be clear, Obama was born in the US in a hospital in Hawaii. The basis for this bogus claim is an interview with a Kenyan woman the reporter claims is Obama's relative who claimed she was there. The reporter in question can not produce any interview notes or pictures of the person.

    There is no such court order. The SCOTUS is going to have a hearing on Dec1 about the cause that is all.

    Please link the source of this 'information' so we can all make fun of it together.

    Outrage, cases are heard by the supreme court, they do not "go to trial".

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    The below story from Forbes is a pretty good one.

    Your assumption, though, is wrong. The Court just asked for a birth certificate, not a different one. And the one posted on line and verified by Hawaii certainly will work.

    I did like the story's point -- you really think Obama would have run for President if it was so easy to prove he wasn't born in the U.S.?

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    he was born in kenya . all countries dont require you to have a birth certificate.the us didnt require you to have one years back. i know my grandparents didnt. it was written in a family bible when they were born they did get a birth certificate later in life by usiong the info in the bible as proof for when they were born. so why are you making such a big deal of this. he won the election like it or not . you should be happy the country dosent have to put up with the tyrant we had for the last 8 years go go obama

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    welll i heard nothing about this..and I dont understand why they would wait until after he was elected to present it? Im sorry but if i have to present a valid birth certificate to get a damn drivers license then im sure they would have him do the same for a presidential race...


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    Because he was born in kenya, and we cannot really trust the kenyan registration office...

    but, we can perfectly trust him!!!!

    Barak n°1!!!!

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    Because he was born in Kenya

  • Anonymous
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    obviously he does not have or this wood not be an issue!

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