TLC vs En Vogue vs Destiny's Child?

Best Voices

Best Look

Best Lyrical Content

Best Style

Overall Best (you can just do this one if you want, but EXPLAIN)

These are three very similar, very talented singing groups of the 90's. I loved them all and would love to know your opinion.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Voice- En Vogue

    Look- Destinys Child

    Lyrics- TLC

    Style-Destinys Child

    Overall- En Vogue- they have stuck together the longest and sound great together. I just saw them on dont forget the lyrics the other night and they still have that spark after all these yrs!

  • 1 decade ago

    Best Voices: En Vogue

    Best Look: Destiny's Child

    Best Lyrical Content: TLC

    Best Style: like musically? TLC. ppearance-wise.. yeah, still TLC.

    Overall Best: TLC, hands down. well in my opinion, anyway. En Vogue is probably second. Both of these bands have been around for a LONG time (yeah, so has DC) but the difference is that they've kind of been like pioneers to other girl groups. I pick TLC cuz my mom had their first album and I listened to it allll the time, and eventually started buying whatever else they put out. I like En Vogue, but I was raised more on TLC, and I like Destiny's Child, but their sound was more generic (not saying it to insult).

  • 5 years ago

    En Vogue (though I think both En Vogue and TLC will crush Destiny's Child)

  • 1 decade ago

    Overall, my favorite is En Vogue by far, since, to me, they possessed the best traditional and "by the book" definition of an actual, legit (no-drama) girl group, as they possessed the BEST vocals, sophisticated look, talent, natural stage presence/charisma, etc.


    Best Voices: En Vogue

    Best Look: En Vogue ( they didn't need any loud colors like TLC, or BOOTY shorts, like Destiny's Child, to grab people's attention)

    Best Lyrical Content: TLC, for the simple fact that they were very concious and aware on how to produce "hot"-sounding songs with realistic messages, especially for young women.

    Best Style: En Vogue. From ALL of their videos, they were able to GRACEFULLY pull off "girl group" wear, "Gothic"-rock wear, "90s"-wear, etc, and an assortment of styles, while still maintaining a unified and sophisticated look. TLC were creative, but they often looked too "childish" or "goofy" with their wear. Destiny's comment.

    Overall Best: En Vogue.

    I won't take anything from the other groups, but to me, at the end of the day, the VOCALS almost HAVE to count for the bulk of it, and En Vogue never had a problem with showing off their dynamic vocal talents, and I actually used to regard them as THE biggest 90s girl group, as I never saw the same level of talent in DC or TLC, although both of those groups received way more press than En Vogue did, mostly for non-music related news...or in other words, for the "DRAMA" stories surrounding them. With En Vogue, they had little "drama" (besides Dawn leaving), but still, when you think of En Vogue, you KNOW you'll get SINGING and BEAUTIFUL music.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Best Voices-En Vogue

    Best Look- TLC (very original)

    Best Lyrical Content- TLC (Waterfalls, Friends, Unpretty etc)

    Best Style- En Vogue (not too sexy, more classy)

    I really can't compare all three to each other. I would say the winner is EnVogue because they appealed to the old and the young.

  • 1 decade ago

    Best Voices-En Vogue

    Best Look-Destiny's Child

    Best Lyrical Content-TLC

    Best Style-TLC

    Overall Best (you can just do this one if you want, but EXPLAIN)

    TLC is the overall best, they are my favorite music group of ALL time. They were all so different but they fit together perfectly. T-Boz was very stylish, very sexy, very laid-back and her voice was so deep yet smooth and soothing. Left-eye was very innocent-looking yet aggressive. Her rapping style was poetic and deep. Chilli was so exotic looking and her voice was so soulful and powerful. I loved En Vogue and Destiny's Child too, but I don't like groups that have one person take up the majority of the spotlight. It defeats the whole purpose of being in a group.

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    1 decade ago

    voice- En vogue

    Look- TLC


    Style- TlC

    I would have to say its TLC I loved there vocals even though they used a session singer alot, to aid them They had some good tunes back in the day and a wicked sense of style, espeacially left- eye I always wanted to be her, she was sooooooo pretty. Also I know its not allowed but I have so much appreaciation for EN vogue they have the bast vocal harmonies a group could ever do. I like destinys child but they are hardly a group are they I mean Destiny's child is beyonce and thats as far as it goes!!

  • 1 decade ago

    voices: en vogue


    lyrical content: tlc

    style: destiny's child

    overall: tlc

    they didnt dress like evryone else & the had good lyrical content like in unpretty & waterfalls

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