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male pattern baldness and genetics?

does the age at which you start to bald correspond to the age that other men in your family start to bald?

in other words, my dad and every guy on his side of the family and on my moms side of the family started going bald in their early 50s. does this mean that i will also start balding in my early 50s

also, does weightlifting speed up male pattern baldness

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    In general, rate of baldness is an inherited trait. You will probably follow the general pattern of most other males in your family. In particular, male pattern baldness is a sex-linked recessive trait, controlled by a particular gene on the X chromosome. Men who inherit the gene will exhibit baldness because there is no other X chromosome with the dominant allele of the gene. Women can carry the gene for pattern baldness without exhibiting the condition, because they usually also carry the dominant allele on their other X chromosome.

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  • 4 years ago

    It's Male Pattern Baldness -_-

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