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Info on obtaining a work permit in Costa Rica?

I am moving to Costa Rica in January, and I would like to know what the proper documents are that I need to have in order to obtain a work permit, and how would I go about applying for one, since most places probably won't hire unless you have one. Also about how long does it take to receive it. Any help would be great! Thank you.

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    With tourism being Costa Rica's largest industry, hundreds of thousands of visitors get a taste of this beautiful country. Many of those that visit think about staying in Costa Rica on a more permanent basis.

    A reoccurring question by mostly younger non-retirees considering Costa Rica extended stays or permanent relocations is; "What type of employment is available?" or "How do I find a job in Costa Rica?". Unfortunately I don't have good news for those seeking a move to Costa Rica that involves finding a job.

    Costa Rica actively encourages tourism and investment as these are both in its best interest. Foreigners can visit and enjoy this beautiful country with a valid passport from most countries. The passport entry stamp grants visitors 90 days to remain in-country as a tourist. For those looking to invest, Costa Rica laws allow foreigners to purchase real estate, invest in industry and conversation, and even gain residency status if the person can prove they have independent sustainable income (ie: pension, social security, etc.).

    However, tourist status does NOT allow the visitor to work or earn money ... and Costa Rica Migracion strictly enforces this policy. The steadfast view is that no foreigner should take a job that can be performed by a Costa Rica citizen. With Costa Rica having a highly educated, bilingual work force - this does not leave many jobs that can qualify for a foreign worker exemption.

    That said; there are many, many foreign corporations that operate in Costa Rica. Persons considering a move to Costa Rica may benefit by seeking their employment via one of these established companies.

    Some U.S. companies that have operations here in Costa Rica include:

    * Microsoft

    * General Electric

    * Abbot Laboratories

    * Continental Airways

    * Intel

    * Lucent Technologies

    * Maersk Sealand

    * Proctor & Gamble

    * Cutler Hammer

    * Eaton

    * Sykes

    * Merck

    * Citigroup

    * Dole

    * Del Monte

    * Century 21 Real Estate

    * Bristol Myers Squibb

    * Manpower International

    * CISCO Systems

    * American Airlines

    * Equifax Credit

    * Wal-Mart

    * etc., etc.,

    There are also many work abroad, study abroad and missionary opportunities in various industries such as tourism, travel and education that may allow for extended, income earning stays here in Costa Rica in order to determine if a more permanent move is desired.

    NOTE: The company or program should have all necessary immigration and work permit paperwork lined-up prior to your Costa Rica departure.

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    It will be extremely difficult, if not imposiible to just decide to move here, not get your residency(near impossible), and expect to be issued a work permit.

    Your best bet would be to come down, open a Costa Rica corporation which is as easy as walking into a Lawyers office, paying between $250-$500 to do so,and state the nature of the business that the corporation engages in as General Consulting.

    Then bill your employer consulting fees each week, or Bi-weekly and and have them issue your Company a check or pay you in cash off of an invoice created by your corporation.

    Even with this Corparoatiion, you will have to leave Costa Rica every 90 days and be gone at least 72hours, before re-entering. No bug deal as it's a guaranteed vacation every 3 months.

    Best of luck to you.

    Source(s): 6 years living in Costa Rica
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    Here is a good article about getting a work permit, however as Down B said, it is not easy, it really depends on what type of work you are seeking and who you are going to work for.

    Another thing you must consider, it is best to some sort of special skills/trades, where you will not take away from a Costa Rican, like teaching English, translators, and/or computer guru.

    Good Luck and best wishes

    Source(s): Tico Times Directory - Employment
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    You need to contact the Costa Rican Embassy about a residence and work visa. Their website does not address these. I am sure you will first need to find an employer to sponsor your work visa. Many countries do not put info on work visas on their websites. This is a hint! They have high unemployment and do not seek foreigners to come work in their country. to contact the embassy and ask for info.

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