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Ghost shrimp care help needed?

I'm thinking about a few ghost shrimp in a 5 gal, that i haven't bought yet but thinking of, I hear these shrimp are micro feeders and can get along nicely in cycled tank with an established bacteria bed, if not what other food will I need for these. I'll purchase a few shrimps every month as i'll feed 1 or 2 to my ACFs in another tank.

If possible can I gut load these guys with nutrients or special supplements to make them more nutritious for my fish and frogs?

Half of my shrimp will be feeders and i'll use some as cleaners for my tank (before they're eaten)


Did your shrimp all get eaten or something or did lack of nutrition and an unstable bacteria lv kill them?

ghost shrimp are delicate so although small spikes in ammonia and pH lvs mite not harm your other hardier fish your shrimp will suffer.

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    Shrimp are delicate when it comes to water conditions. You can feed them any sinking food, they will find it. Just dont overfeed. That would lead to ammonia and will eventually kill the shrimp pretty easy.

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    Well i kept two in a 10 galloon tank with 9 fish.. 1 died after a week, the other died after like 3 weeks..

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    we had 5 and they all died within 3 days

    ha shoot!

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    feed them algae wafers

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