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state of maryland and driving ?

i live in the state of maryland. i have no car isssance they want to have car issuance. they want me to pay a $7 dollars fine everyday i dint have car issuance. right now i owe a total of $1171 dollars fine because i didn't have car issuance since June 20th. and they will suspended my driver regulations on 11/10/2008. are they allowed to do that. and if i get a issuance from the state of va where my daughter live will i still need to pay for that fee

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    If your car is registered in Maryland, you'll need insurance with a company that's admitted to write in MD and an MD insurance card; a VA card won't work with a MD registration.

    Just be glad you haven't had an accident without insurance! You think you've got troubles now...

    That $1171 would probably have paid for at least six months of insurance; kinda false economy, isn't it?

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    Of course they're allowed to do that.

    You can't own a car, and have it registered, without insurance.

    If you continue to operate the car without it, it will be impounded, you will lose your license, and you will likely see a little jail time, depending on how long you prolong this.

    Where your daughter lives, doesn't matter in the slightest. It doesn't change where you live. Go pay them.

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