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Ok heres the deal. I am 15 years old male 16 in january. I am 5 foot 8 and 135 pounds. I have extra fat on my stomach, thighs and 'love handles' lol. I want to tone up and lose a bit of weight. I dont have access to a gym. I have a boxing bag, skipping rope and light enough weights.(1.5kg,3kg and 5kg) I ussually put a 5 and a 3 together and lift them. I can do up to 10 pushup at once, up to 5 chin ups and can lift on each hand10 kg ish max i think. i dont know what i can bench. I want to know some indoor exercise using the things i have. My diet is vital aswell. I am kind of health concious and a bit of advice would be good. For breakfast i have cornflakes, bring a bottle of water to school, a hot chicken sandwich(brown bread) with lettuce for lunch at about 1:20, for dinner ussually potatoes veg and something else, for supper maybe toast or tuna something like that. I ussually have a takeaway on saturdays (pizza and chips) i know its bad. I have a sort of sweet tooth aswell. I don't go out a lot because of the weather and the excercise i get ussually is walking to and from school 10 mins each time and walking around the school etc. I wud like to kno any good indoor excercise to do for thighs arms and belly fat or just a whole body workout. I have the willpower but just need some direction. Any good sites will be helpful for my diet aswell. I dont have a credit card to buy stuff online like protein powder etc. The town i live in has a tesco and supervalu so anythin that can be bought from there wud be good aswell. Pratical and thorough answers need. Definite 10 points for person who helps me . Good diet tips wud be great aswell. Thanks in advance.

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    For a start, at your age you shouldn't really care about your size if that's whats making you feel like you need to change, males begin their growth spurt at your age and stretch out. But besides from that I do have some advice, as my brother is a complete health-addict.

    If you're serious about getting fit I reccomend you pop down to your local GNC store (or similar, tesco/supervalue might have some, just have a look around and maybe ask) and pick up both ; Protein Shake and Multivitamins. The Protein Shake will help you bulk up and advance the amount of muscle you can build, be careful though, only drink it if you intend to work out, otherwise it will store itself as fat if unused. The Multivitamins will help balance out any dietry deficiencies that you may suffer from - this will also assist in skin, hair, bone strength etc. depending on which vitamins are present.

    As for excercises indoors you can do crunches, situps and lunges. Otherwise the pushups, chinups and weights you are doing are good. Try to keep it as a routine and to music. I reccomend that when it is good that you go outside and do more extensive skipping and running in particular (running is one of the best calorie-burning excercises). With weights as they seem to get lighter crank up how much you lift per arm, in the future when they're too easy and you no longer feel any strain, you may well have to buy some more.

    Keep your diet healthy as you already seem to do, fish is always extremely good so get a large intake in that. Six small meals a day is advised and keeps your metabolism high, but make sure they're small - a sandwich or similar in size. Drink lots of water and try to drink eight glasses a day. Fruit and Veg. are of course excellent so snack on that.

    Just make sure you're determined and try not to falter too much in this routine and you'll soon become extremely healthy (look up other excercises on sites or buy a book, they're all helpful). Btw that single Saturday takeaway - don't worry about it, it's good to get a little fat intake which your body can then turn to muscle, but make sure that after that Saturday you do a slightly longer Sunday workout.

    Hope this helped ^^.

    Source(s): Brother is practically a body-builder gym-addict ;].
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    Ok your not big your just chubby u know when u eat that potato that's starch and on saturdays when u eat pizza that's starch.You need to go to the nearest park around your area and jog for 30 minutes.That pizza have it once a month on saturdays try to cut out the potato or eat less of it.U know its winter so when u get colder try to go on the treadmill for 30 minutes.Try not to drink to much water too.In a couple of months you will lose 20 pounds.

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    You don't need to lose weight. I'd focus on learning how to do cheerleading jumps. Stretch so you can be more flexible. Practice so you can jump high. Learn to do cartwheels if you don't know how. Memorize some of the cheers by heart. That will give you an advantage over the others.

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