What will you personally do to help the USA move forward?

OK, the election is over and there is still a lot of sniping on the boards. I really thought it might have a different flavor since one man won presidency and the other lost.

My question is this. What will you personally do to help make the next four years a success? It doesn't matter who you voted for, this is your nation at stake. How can we as individuals help bring both sides together to work? I mean really, does calling each other idiots get anyone anywhere?

I hope that Obama succeeds because if he doesn't my family suffers. Because of this, I will continue to try to listen, review and think about his policy suggestion. I will continue to communicate with my representatives in a calm and non-accusatory tone.

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  • tott1
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    1 decade ago
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    this is a very good question and I will accept the fact that Obama won and show him the respect that the office deserves. he however needs time to prove himself. and I hope time proves him out well. however the true american system of checks and balances requires that those that oppossed him remain as the loyal opposition this to keep power in check. your comment about if he does not succeed your family suffers is not the right, if you make your family life better you improve the country. do not wait or rely on any goverment for this it is your job go make things better for your own family now!!! it is the best thing for you and them and the greatest way to serve your nation.

    Source(s): my opinion from life.
  • Lynx
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    1 decade ago

    My family and I are leaving. We have enough in credit available to leave the country and move to a nation we researched and determined to be in our best interest. Once there we will be able to survive quite well whatever happens. After 10 years our credit will be clear in the US if we want to return.

    Kidding. There is nothing I personally can do.

  • 1 decade ago

    moving to canada on jan 20th

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