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X Factor: Simon Cowell......?

If Simon Cowell is such a "Big Shot" in the Music Industry,why does he need the General Public Votes to make the decisions for him?


Yeah,the Money does help to fund the Show,...but it never seems to break a Mega Star Singer,...unlike Leona Lewis Who had the Talent and is doing very well. ;)

The other "Winners" have disappeared without a trace! ;)

Update 2:

Brownbug78 I agree with you 100% ;)

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    I don't think people get why Simon does this...

    For very little money, he gets to find the best talent in the UK and sign more and more artists so he can make more and more money.

    Once we get to the live shows, he's couldn't give a toss who wins it as he's got his pick of 12 talented individuals give a record deal to. Plus, he doesn't have to do ANY marketing for them as everyone in the country already knows who they are, and will clamour to buy their album.single...

    Smart man.

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    Pmsl Hun - It all makes for good Tele Viewing really. The only Winner at the end of the day of X Factor & Britain's Got Talent is Simon !!

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    Shane Ward has also made a fantastic career out of it. Other than those two there hasnt been any other talented winners! xx

    He doesnt "need" the public to make decisions but shows such as Xfactor have mde him a household name & millions of pounds so why not!?!

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    Because the whole reason for the show is ENGLAND PICKS THEIR IDOL!!

    He doesn't control how it goes {unlike SOME people say} at the end of the day WE pick our favorite {wheather they're talented or not, it comes down to who the public likes}

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  • willow
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    it's an entertainment programme that gets the viewers involved by letting them decide who wins, if it was just he that chose the winner then it would be a bit boring

  • Anonymous
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    Because their telephone calls are at premium rates and raise the money to fund X Factor. It is also what you call participatory television.

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    TBH I'd love to have £10 million pound less than him in my bank account!

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    No one would watch the show if he made the decisions.

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    lt's all about his ego.

    He likes to be the centre of attention and being on TV and being able to slag people off, it helps boost his ego.

  • bri
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    1 decade ago

    To pay for the programme and boost his income.

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