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Any one had twins or more?

My family is a twin factory the females are highly likely to have twins on my moms side of the fam. I have a beautiful 3 year old and recently found out I am pregnant and am now 8 wks 5 days. I feel so sick and extremely tired. I am goig in for an ultrasound the 13. I wasn't this sick with my daughter and I no every pregnancy is diff. but smells are abundant and vomit likely, I can hardly eat I am not hungry as well.I am on calcuim Iron and prenatels by direction of my obg. I am drinking lots af water and some ginger ale and crackers of sorts. I would like a baby but how hard is it with two at a time, Diapers have to be a $$$. I wasnt expecting to get pregnant I was on the pill and my hubby is 54 i am 22. How did you handle more than one beautiful bundle at one time?


Diaper cost is the most $$ going out for children in my house actualy. Even though my daughter was potty trained at 14 mos. smart girl.. So question being more about the care and time and nursing for twins. thanks

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    Luvs diapers are affordable on that's what I do. It's about $60 a month. Try cloth diapering if you can handle it.

    You handle it as you would be if you were having one, just you just buy two of everything except clothes, it's not necessary that the twins have the same outfit. And maybe one bouncer and one swing instead of two, one can be in the bouncer and one the swing. and even Goodwill are good places to find used things, I got a beautiful $150 dollar high chair for 8 bucks at goodwill I have no shame in buying used things!

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  • Dude I would hate to have twins. The women out there who have them and more are so brave! I don't know what I would do lol.

    Diapers aren't that expensive. I hate when people say kids cost a fortune. Mine doesn't.

    I had a neighbor who had 2 sets of twins and one in the middle. And on the other side, my other neighbor had triplet girls, and then just 3 boys. Wow.....

    Your hubby is a bit old for you....

    EDIT~ DON'T go with Luvs. They're cheap because they rip and they don't expand or fit your baby's body properly.

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