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How can I justify to stop smoking marijuana?

I've been smoking daily for over 15 years. When I stop for more than 30 days I get down and depressed. Normally I'm an upbeat funny guy who enjoys life to the fullest. I'm a successful computer engineer who's worked for companies like Microsoft, at a very high technical level (ie: 10 yrs or more experience). I've supported myself with my career since I graduated High School with no outside assistance or college education. I've never been fired, arrested, drunk (i don't drink), in a fight, or harmed another living creature. I've had a healthy life and just recently had a chest MRI's with passing flying colors. Although, not a vegitarian, I have made it a point to eat right and try to eat everything organic (fast food is always a no-no with me!). I've never noticed any negative side affects, except for short term memory loss and selective memory. With the way the world is today, and I hate comparing myself to others, it seems like I have it going for me better than 90% of the rest of the population.

With that said, how can I justify stopping smoking?

Just because its illegal? Honestly, I've made it 15 years without getting caught, and any day now my state should decriminalize it. Even if I do get caught, who cares? I pay my fines and I'm back to work in the morning.

Because its expensive? Yes, it is, but I make well over 6 figures and have a nice cushion for retirement with a kick *** credit score to boot.

Someday I could get lung cancer/throat/mouth cancer? Possibility, but with modern science growing rapidly, by the time I do get it, I probably have a 90%+ chance of survival. Plus I have the best insurance on the planet (no copays, no deductables, no nothin)Honestly, I'm more afraid of getting t-boned at an intersection by a drunk than I am with getting cancer.

Anyone got any other suggestions?


Response to Angel: He's only 18, maybe he has other issues, he's obviously not grown up yet... I do have a daughter who is almost 10. I have 50/50 custody with her mother, and we all have a great relationship. My daughter goes to private school and is a 3.5GPA student. I've always heard (you're a great father), and I've never heard (you're a bad father). No justification there, sorry.

Update 2:

Response to David: The main reasons I'm seeking advice today are the following questions:

Why is it illegal? vs. Alcohol

Why do people look down upon it versus alcohol, anti-depressants, other legal medication?

Why would I stop?

Update 3:

Response to BRUTT: Lots of good questions... To answer the general ones, I ask because I live in a society that looks down upon it, both legally and socially. That irritates me. I shouldn't have to "hide". If my next door neighbor can openly drive to the nearest bar or liquor store to get hammered and risk the lives of others when he drives home, that's what bothers me. I have no intentions to stop, but I wonder if there is anyone out there that could argue differently. You are less than 1% of the population who lives their life free of anything. Congratulations! The rest of us though, were never taught that and have to figure it out for ourselves.

Update 4:

Another response to BRUTT: Your comments are like most others who don't have any experience or real training, but you like to regurgitate what the media/government/FDA has shoved down our throats for decades. You obviously don't have an addictive personality, therefore you can't speak to half of what you say authoritatively. With that said, I can't take anything you stated with merit and can only take it with a grain of salt.

Update 5:

Response to BarkingBear: I've quit a few times in the past for various reasons, either I needed it to pass a DT screening, or just to see if I could do it... Every time though, I ended up sinking into a depression when life has been fine otherwise, and it ALWAYS hits me around the 4-5 week mark, assuming thats about when it has depleted from my system. Its wierd, almost like clockwork.

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    I like your attitude. You sound like an intelligent funny guy... I will only say this. It sounds like your looking for someone to give you a reason to quit and that does make me wonder why. However seeing as you seem to be very intelligent you want to hear others views rather than an answer to this particular question being as you have already provided your own answers to any possible argument anyone could bring to this forum.

    Clinically there is no substantiated long term effects from marijuana use.

    Be responsible. Don't carry it on you or smoke out in public and if you are going to smoke I wouldn't get behind the wheel of the car. While it may slow down your zooming thoughts and make you better able to focus on one thing.. It doesn't sharpen your body's reaction time rather depresses it. That way your not involving anyone else in your decision to smoke.

    If you do that honestly I can't think of anyone reason aside from the obvious ones you have mentioned and rebutted well to justify stopping.

    ADDED IN RESPONSE: Racism started it. Look at the views of Harry Anslinger who was the founding director of the FBN. This was back in 1937. "There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers," he said. "Their satanic music, jazz and swing result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others." Fear was another big advocate of it... along with the Yellow Journalism brand of propaganda. Fact was the white man had his scotch and fought like hell when made to put it away due to the alcohol prohibition but marijuana was considered to be a recreational drug enjoyed only by the lowly scum of society. Not my views simply stating this irritating fact.

    Fear continues to be the overall drive in keeping supporters on the side of people who would like to keep marijuana illegal. I read some propaganda today stating that 421 chemicals make up marijuana and most are considered to be dangerous when infact as a sciencetist myself I know that 66 of the cannibanoids specific to marijuana are inconclusive in their long term effects on the body either bad or good but are known to have immediate medicinal qualities such as pain releivers, analgesic qualities help in treating metabolic disorders skin diseases so on and so forth. The other 300 or so chemicals are natural proteins, vitamins and chemicals found in teas foods and other organic things most of us ingest on a daily basis. I am not going to say that some don't have some adverse effects on some bodies but from what I have seen no more than anything else we have here that is legal. Like Black cohash and other natural herbs which may be beneficial to some but not to others.

    The people who seem to have the most to say about why marijuana should remain to be prohibited are not qualified to make the claims in which they do about it but like monkeys simply swing from the vines laid in place by antagonists of yester year and the fact is Americans as a whole aren't hearing it any longer. We are more informed and finding this information out on our own... refusing to be fed any longer by these so called experts who or not qualified to speak on such matters or people out for their own agenda or both.

    I think like any drug or just about anything we can derive pleasure from it can be abused. I don't know you ... so I can't say your an abuser but from the picture you illustrated here for me it doesn't sound as if you are.

    Anything smoked is a carcinogen since it must be burned. So is your cigarettes or the wood burning in your fireplace. It doesn't mean it should criminalized. There are other methods in which marijuana can be used other being smoked. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug as is alcohol. It is in the same drug classification. Drink too much booze and tell me if you don't think your seeing that aren't there. Some people will hallucinate from drinking too much alcohol at one time or over a period time and some people don't. If your going to smoke marijuana in the same quantity that you smoke cigarettes then that is abuse and your an idiot. Most everything in moderation. From your eating to drinking to your smoking.

  • Yes, because it's illegal. Just because you haven't gotten caught doesn't mean a crime hasn't been committed. Absence of sentence does not equal absence of guilt.

    There's no need to justify your choice by propping up all the other things you have done right. If you feel that strongly about it - continue to use it. You don't have to justify your sins to us - can we hold you accountable? Can we put you in jail? A lot of us have lived just as virtuously as you have and still managed not to do drugs. It's not a question of being better than someone else - who are you competing with anyway? The question is whether or not you're being the best person you can be. If you're living up to the best standards and best potential you have set for yourself. If doing marijuana justifies that for you - then how can we tell you any different???

    All I can say is - doing drugs has never been something I've ever been interested in because when I think about an intelligent, responsible, self-loving, mature, self-accountable, self-aware person - a habitual drug user doesn't come to mind. I also don't drink. I've never been arrested. I don't believe in sex before marriage. I don't smoke and have never smoked a cigarette - nor would I want to. I've never even been drunk and don't plan on getting drunk. I've always been a good student. Responsible and respectful. I swear only occasionally and only if I'm writing a character that swears (because I don't like foul language). Okay, and?? (you might say)

    And that's exactly the point. What other people do isn't the problem. It seems like you're asking the question because on some level you feel it's wrong to be a pothead. And if so - you can take steps to fix that. You may not have gotten caught so far, but it only takes one dirty drop and then your reputation is ruined and you're possibly out of a job. Course - they can't fire you if you confess to being a druggie and needing help to break free, but would you really want to put yourself in that kind of a position to keep a job? Do you really wanna be in a room explaining to your boss that s/he's gonna have to help you break your drug habit? I didn't think so. Why why take a chance like that? The only person you hurt or help is yourself.

    What does your life direction tell you? What does research tell you? Your life (God willing) will consist of many more years beyond these - what sort of future are you making for yourself? Do you want to be that old man who is tortured by his fried brain cells? Do you want to be that old man who can't remember why the good times were good? Do you wanna be plagued by regrets when you find out your drug use has caused irreparable damage? Are these present moments of drug induced comfort and haze worth all the future moments they may cost you? You are mortgaging your present with your future. Haven't we seen vividly how that works out? The American economy is an abject lesson in securing present pleasure without anticipating the costs that lie ahead. The choice is yours. What is your future worth? We see how much you value your life and your accomplishments now, in your youth, but how do you value your old age and your death?

    All that being said, it's still a crime because the country or state you live in says it's so. So in one supreme case - you are being the opposite of the upstanding person you believe yourself to be. If your state is going to legalize it soon - then wait until they do and you can use with abandon, if that's what you want. The choice is yours. It always has been. It always will be. Be well.

    Source(s): OMG! I disagree with the comment above mine! No studies show long term effects of marijuana use?? Dude - it's a KNOWN carcinogen (has more carcinogens than tobacco!) AND it's a hallucinogen. People - if you choose to do drugs - that's on YOU. But DON'T be ignorant about what it is you're doing and how it effects you and others. Marijuana isn't a safe drug just because you choose to believe it is despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Stop passing the buck. I find it incredible that the same people who swear by eating healthy (like eating a cheeseburger is a death sentence) will be the same people who choose to snort/inhale/smoke/inject all manner of substances with no problem. Maybe this will help for all the health conscious people - substitute smoking pot for eating a big mac. Every time you wanna light up - instead of doing it, go to McDonald's and eat a DQP w/ Cheese! If you choose NOT to eat the DQP w/ Cheese - you CANNOT blaze up. And any and every time you light up - YOU HAVE TO EAT A MCDONALD'S DOUBLE QUARTER POUNDER WITH CHEESE! So if you light up like three times a day or something - that's some serious McDs! Honestly, I don't see the difference between fast food and drugs for people who make one seem more acceptable than the other. One cheeseburger won't alter your body, but one joint can alter your brain. Go figure. UPDATE: I appreciate your candor. Thanks for responding to each of us individually, and on the contrary - just because I don't do drugs doesn't mean I know nothing about them, sir. I was a substance abuse prevention counselor for years working with high risk teens and young adults. That's all we dealt with - teens, young adults, and hard core users at high risk for additction and HIV/AIDS infection. I have dealt with smokers to potheads to heroine and cocaine addicts. I used to coordinate a needle exchange program so I know even better than you what excuses people use and how they try to justify their behaviors.Their decisions had nothing to do with me and everything to do with them. Likewise, your decision has nothing to do with me and everything to do with you. So you can take what I say however you like. You're the one asking the question, not me. I'm just offering my opinion. But I certainly know what the research says and I certainly know the people I've met and counseled. And if that's all I know - that's enough for me. Tell me this - do you believe the government research linking obesity with fast food? Or diabetes with sweets overloads? Or cancer with cigarette smoking? Or alcohol with fetal alcohol syndrome? Or drinking with impaired driving ability? And if you can believe the research and the government with respect to those things - why doubt them when it comes to marijuana? Hey the choice is yours. That's my bottom line of what I said. At the end of the day you can't get around the fact that using marijuana is committing a crime. And when you do it, regardless of whether or not you feel entitled to do so, you are willfully breaking the law. Drinking is legal. Smoking pot is illegal. In any case, both you and the drunk neighbor will be held accountable if either of you knowingly and willingly choose to impair your own judgment thereby putting your and other people's lives at risk. The weight of that gives some of us considerable pause. Others not. Apparently. You will do what you want to do. But whatever you do - if it increases the chances (even remotely) that someone else could get hurt - I hope you're smart enough to stay home or wherever you are until the effect wears off. If ignorant drunkards could just internalize that basic decency this world might be a better place. Whatever you do - do it with some measure of respect and responsibility towards your fellow man. That's all I ask.
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    I was in an almost three year relationship with someone who was a daily pot smoker. At first he brought it up and said he smoked "occasionally" Personally i don't like the stuff, never did, but i am one to accept social partying.... i'm also a recovering alcoholic so i don't drink. Eventually, i noticed that he couldn't get through a day without marijuana. And yes our sex life suffered too. Marijuana is a great help if you want to suffer erectile dysfunction! He was selfish, had anxiety, was even paranoid about daily things. I discovered this once i got to know him well.... his is a psychological addiction as far as i can see, and i think it's pathetic that he can't get through a day without the stuff (even though i was a binge drinker). I didnt harp on him about it for the first couple years, and after that i did ask him a couple times when the madness was going to stop. Why? Because he lost his job during our first year together (lay offs), and during his job seeking he refused to apply for jobs where they do drug testing. This is everywhere these days, isnt it? I broke up with him for a few reasons, and i'm sure you don't have to guess what they are. In your case, you're married. I'm not sure what you're going to do, but i'm guessing you're going to get sick of it just like i did. I'm real sorry you're going through this. Personally, when i find myself in an uncomfortable relationship or situation from now til the day i'm dead, i'm going to remove myself from it. I'm sorry you are struggling!

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    you make a good case for yourself so WE won't be able to convince you otherwise.

    You said you make good money so you caln affod it

    You said you feel depressed without it (so it's your vehicle, you lean on it, and the thing you lean on can't leave you, you have to leave it)

    So you talked yourself right into it.

    And yes people with money do what they want.

    It's true you don't care about your health, and you're depressed because you don't get enough exercise and sun, and you have spare time to instead of thinking about things that count you smoke to relax.

    But it does take brain cells from you. People keep a bad habit (such as marijuana) because they get something from it.

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    Maybe you should quit to see if you can live without a crutch.I quit drinking and smoking because I realized that it wasn't the real me.I guess it's all how you want to live.I felt I wasn't being honest with myself so I quit.The challenge in my life is to meet life head on without artificial support.Good luck,man.

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    I have said this to my brother he is 18 and smokes around £30 a day we all want him off it as he has terrible moods, paranoia and is a complete wa***r when he hasn't had it. think of your family and possibly children if you don't have any then think of the children you may have, i would never even date a man who touches the stuff as my previous partner used to do it and i would never want anyone to do it again.

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