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LJacks asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 1 decade ago

I love the name Anneliese. What would be a good middle name?

I'm not pregnant...just preparing for the future..haha. Our last name is Jackson, so I need something kinda of short. Please no Renee or Marie :)

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    anneliese bethany jackson

    anneliese amie jackson

    anneliese catherine jackson

    anneliese demi jackson

    anneliese emilia jackson

    anneliese felicity jackson

    anneliese gemma jackson

    anneliese hannah jackson

    anneliese ingrid jackson

    anneliese julia jackson

    anneliese kimberly jackson

    anneliese leah jackson

    anneliese martina jackson

    anneliese natasha jackson

    anneliese olivia jackson

    anneliese poppy jackson

    anneliese quinn jackson

    anneliese rebecca jackson

    anneliese serena jackson

    anneliese tiffany jackson

    anneliese una jackson

    anneliese verity jackson

    anneliese wendy jackson

    anneliese xathe jackson

    anneliese yolanta jackson

    anneliese zara jackson

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    Anneliese Brooke

    Anneliese Michelle

    Anneliese Brynelle

    Anneliese Hailie

    Anneliese Nicole

    Anneliese Shane

    Anneliese Taylor

    I have a cousin named Nia Anneliese

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    1 decade ago

    Anneliese is very pretty and uncommon and goes great with you last name. You are right a short (two or better yet one syllable) will go best with a long first name and medium last name.

    Anneliese Brooke Jackson

    Anneliese Chloë Jackson

    Anneliese Dana Jackson

    Anneliese Emma Jackson

    Anneliese Faye Jackson

    Anneliese Grace Jackson

    Anneliese Hannah Jackson

    Anneliese Kiera Jackson

    Anneliese Maya Jackson

    Anneliese Nicole Jackson

    Anneliese Paige Jackson

    Anneliese Rachel Jackson

    Anneliese Sarah Jackson

    Anneliese Tara Jackson

    Anneliese Zara Jackson

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    1 decade ago

    Anneliese Carley

    Anneliese Harriet

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  • 1 decade ago

    Anneliese May

    Anneliese Amelia

    Anneliese Eden

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    1 decade ago

    Anneliese Genevieve

    Anneliese Brianne

    Anneliese Sienna

    Anneliese Cheyenne

    Anneliese Ivonne

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    1 decade ago

    Anneliese Eliza.

    Anneliese Joy.

    Anneliese Mandy.

    Anneliese Katy.

    Anneliese Olivia.

    Anneliese Jenn.

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    Anneliese is beautiful!

    Anneliese Kelly

    Anneliese Brianne

    Anneliese ReAnne

    Anneliese Jade

    Anneliese Andrea

    Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    With the 2 longer names I definately agree that a shorter middle name would be best.

    Anneliese Christine Jackson (it's a longer name, but I like it)

    Anneliese Diane/ Dyan/ DyAnn Jackson

    Anneliese Elaine Jackson

    Anneliese Hope Jackson

    Anneliese Rae Jackson

  • 1 decade ago

    Annelise Brooke

    Annelise Jean

    Annelise Jane

    Annelise Paige

    Annelise Taylin

    Annelise Beth

    Annelise Joy

  • 1 decade ago

    Annelise Beth Jackson,

    Annelise Jade Jackson

    Annelise Louise Jackson

    Annelise Amy Jackson

    Annelise Amber Jackson

    Best Wishes


    B.t.w, Annelise is A Beautiful Name x

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