What do you think about snopes? ?

I will choose the most interesting and IMO, true answer as best answer.

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    Snopes is a useful antidote to the, often unfounded, wild stories that spread through the internet. I browse their site every now and then. I also use the odd story in my classes to improve critical thinking.

    A friend forwards chain mails to me. I send her the link to Snopes that says the girl/boy isn't actually missing and maybe doesn't even exist at all. I advise my pupils to check everything themselves. Even Snopes isn't infallible!

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    6 years ago

    Snopes is useful for Submit a Photo or Videos. For more details http://www.usignp.info/2013/02/submit-a-photograph...

  • On Snopes, you can look up legends you're not sure about, and find out if they're true or not most of the time. Sometimes they're labeled unclassifiable or undetermined, but it can also help you understand the legend and its origins better.

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    7 years ago

    They are owned by the government. They have a definite agenda in what they prove/disprove. Completely unscientific.

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