what size drill bit should i get for an 8mm wall plug?

silly question should it be an 8mm drill bit.i was just thinking that if i get a 7-5mm wont the wall plug fit in tighter in the wall,come diy experts give me your advice


well Etherglide the plugs are grey actually

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    Don't forget that that plug will be taking a screw.

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    Well first off, I don't know what sort of wall you are going to drill into ~ some of the older building have walls that tend to fall away as you drill into them.

    there is no harm in using a smaller bit to start with, you may find that it opens up enough to take the plug, if not then you can gently go in again with the 8mm one.

    The thing to remember is that the raw plug tapers down, so when you have the bit in the drill, place the plug at the tip, and where it stops on the bit have a strip of masking tape and wrap it around the bit before you drill ~ this way you wont drill too deep and the plug will fit in ready to take the screw.

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    Wall Plug Sizes

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    actually, contrary to some opinions on here, a 7.5mm drill bit is the correct choice. if you use an 8mm drill and an 8mm plug, the plug will be too loose in the hole and the screw will not bite properly. it is a good thing to have to tap your wall-plug gently with a hammer...it should never fall into its pre-drilled hole easily...the screw will never catch fully, as it does not have enough resistance around it. i hope this helps you.

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    What the Heck, I gave you a thumbs up for your generous attitude. Ref the question, only unit I can think of is a frame fixing, where you drill through frame into wall and then insert long wall plug and screw at the same time.

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    using a hammer drill and a 7mm bit, drill a hole 0.5mm longer than required, then tap your 8mm plug flush with a hammer. this will stop your plug rotating while tightening the screw, remember to use the corresponding size Diam screw.

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    For a red wall plug, use a 6mm drill bit. For a brown plug, use a 7mm drill bit.

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    When you buy the wall plugs, look at the plastic that they are attached to. It should tell you the drill size linked to the screw size.

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    you use the same size drill as the wall plug

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    If you drill a 7.5 mm hole it won't fit in will it. It'll be too small.

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