applications of pythagoras theorem in daily life?

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    Before I give my answer let me say that "any great knowledge disappear if it is not put on use" Fortunately Pythagoras theorem has few simple features that simplify computing(mental) and it has been propagated reasonably well since its inception!

    If you are a mathematician, you'd be using it from time to time or teaching it to kids.

    If you are engineer or electrician you could use it to estimate heights or find lengths of various things.

    If you are a physicist you may need to use it to calculate vectors in collisions - of subatomic particles.

    If you do forensics or motor vehicle major accident investigation you might need it to calculate vectors of bigger things.

    If you are in one of a number of jobs involving client care or if you are unemployed, you might not find much application of pythagoras except to answer questions on Yahoo! Answers

    To fully understand Pythagoras theorem, please grasp it in relation to a zero start 2D-square matrix, which is used in computers! Vedic Mathematics had used it as 'yx' order (instead of 'xy' order used now)! It still helps to mentally relate merged 'y' and 'x' position values in a page reading order!

    However Vedic Mathematics had used right angled triangle relations differently, which is unknown today (please refer to my start words)

    What you need is a direct answer to your question!

    Pythagoras theorem "directly relate numbers to needs", which also enhance user skill to apply numbers!

    A manner of using it in Vedic Mathematics is given below!

    Imagine a page reading! It has row-numbers (y-increase from top to bottom) and columns (x-increase from left to right). Row-column 'yx' numbers maintain a usual left to right digits writing which supports mental computing!

    'Yx' row-column number 34 indicates 3^2 + 4^2 = 5^2

    'Yx' row-column number 43 indicates 4^2 + 3^2 = 5^2

    'Yx' row-column number 68 indicates 6^2 + 8^2 = 10^2

    'Yx' row-column number 86 indicates 8^2 + 6^2 = 10^2

    'Yx' row-column number 99 indicates 9^2 + 9^2 = 162

    Said simple relations are appearent in matrix position values when we confidently give "a zero start position" of both 'Y' and 'x' elements!

    Functionally pythogorus theorem is a matrix linked number applcation and a related computing is within graspable limit of ordinary users of computing!

    I do not wish to relate "practical applications" to individual human needs! You are aware that each said practical applications relate number applications/computing!

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    Pythagoras Theorem In Daily Life

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    The most common use of the pythagoras theorem is finding the shortest distance. Since we often use coordinate systems to state the position of something, we then must use pythagoras to find the actual distance between. For example, if we have two building that are related on a map to be in location (3,5) and (6,9), then we can use pythagorus to determine the distance between the buildings. ((6-3)^2 + (9-5) ^2 ) ^ (1/2) = 5

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