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”我好小on-line”li句既英文可以點寫? 最好係native English speaker答我la..


係唔係"i m not often online." OR "i do not often go on-line"?

其實on-line li個字點用?

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    1 decade ago
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    well, ”我好小on-line”in English is " I'm too little to go on-line" which means you got to be 18 to play certain on-line games. u know.

    well, "on-line" has lots of meanings, like, "I'm on the line" means I'm still talking on the phone. u know. um..

    well, u see, ah...

    Another meaning is using your browser to access the world wide web. u see

    u know I'm not really 100% native English speaker, but, u see, I'm only a homo-english speaker. Sorry I've used too much u c, u know... I thought when I do that, others will think I must be actual native, not homo-english anymore. I apologize for my inferiority complex.

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  • As
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    1 decade ago


    " online" is used as an adjective or an adverb mainly.

    online games online shopping online banking<--------- Adjectives

    1) I seldom come online.( " online" is used as an adverb here.)

    2) I don't log on the net/ on the Internet much.

    3) I seldom go online. ( adverb here as well)

    4) I only come online once in a while.( adverb)

    5) I only go online once in a blue moon.( adverb)

    Hope it helps.

    See youO_O

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  • 1 decade ago


    I not away Online


    Source(s): I
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