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    Command : d (dimstyle) -> select the dimstyle in use -> select Modify icon -> go to Lines and Arrows tab -> check 1st and 2nd Arrowheads and Arrow size -> go to Text tab -> check Text style and Text height -> uncheck Draw frame around text -> go to Fit tab -> check Use overall scale (Sets a scale for all dimension style settings that specify size, distance, or spacing, including text and arrowhead ) -> select OK -> selcct Set Current -> select Close

    Command : dli (dimlinear) <<draw a new linear dimension by specify 2 points... to see the result of new dimension setting>>

    Command : -dimstyle <<Applies the current dimensioning system variable settings to selected dimension objects, permanently overriding any existing dimension styles applied to these objects.>>

    Current dimension style: Standard

    Enter a dimension style option

    [Save/Restore/STatus/Variables/Apply/?] <Restore>: a

    Select objects: <<select dimension and then enter>>

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