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order 訂單的用法

我知道下單是用 place order

請問一般商用的話 order還有哪些用法?

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    accept and order


    bag a lot of orders


    book an order from…登記來自…的訂(貨)單

    execute and order交付訂貨

    fill orders promptly迅速交付訂貨

    give a factory an order for…向工廠訂購…

    give out an order for…發出…的訂貨單

    make up orders (make out orders) 填寫訂貨單

    place an order for (something) with…向…訂購某物

    orders may be placed direct with…可以向…直接訂貨

    put the order into work開始生產訂單的貨

    refuse the order拒受訂單

    renew an order繼續訂購

    repeat an order重新訂購

    rescind an order取消訂購

    send in orders for…遞送…的訂單

    supply orders供應訂貨

    turn over an order to…把訂單交給….

    Withdraw an order撤回訂購

    Aremittance must accompany all orders


    We cannot take the order on terms quoted.我們不能按所開價錢接受訂貨

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    下單也常用 issue orders, release orders 等

    如果要講到其他訂單常用的狀態, 還有:

    cancel orders (取消訂單), hold orders (暫緩訂單), change order (換單) ...

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