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What do you think of General Motors Corporation?

Founded in 1908, at one point the largest company in the world, the best-selling automaker for 77 years, now on the brink of bankruptcy.

What do you make of them?

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    GM's quality has improved over the last 20 years, but they still have a ways to go. Having said that, I agree that there needs to be labor concessions that will make GM competitive with Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

    It makes no sense for Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes and BMW to have non-union assembly plants in the United States with lower labor costs competing with GM, Ford and Chrysler. Either the other companies are forced to unionize or else workers at GM, Ford and Chrysler need to decertify their unions to keep their jobs.

    I personally believe that GM, Ford and Chrysler should be bailed out and that the workers should share in the pain for this bailout. UAW members are paid more than any other union workers for their skill levels.

    When the OEM American owned and operated automotive industry began to decline precipitously at the beginning of the 21st century it shed large numbers of workers in Michigan's Saginaw (River) valley and the irreversible decline of the I-75 (Interstate Highway 75) automotive corridor was underway. From Detroit through Flint, Saginaw, and Bay City a decay set in, and where once 1/3 of all cars and trucks made in North America had been produced in factories in or near those cities a decrease in production occurred that by 2008 saw less than 1/10 of North America's cars and trucks built along the 'corridor.' Not a single vehicle built in Michigan was made by an independent foreign owned OEM automotive company in 2008. Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia, Daimler, and BMW all chose to put their assembly plants outside of Michigan.

    The well-kept secret that was actually revealed by Michael Moore's "Roger and Me" and then completely ignored was that the average education of those UAW members who had been the highest paid car workers in the history of the world was below the level of high school graduation.

    It has turned out that by simply paying a person a very high salary for simple, repetitive, work any incentive to improve themselves educationally vanishes at least it did among car workers in Michigan. The boring and repetitive nature of the work, but not the pay scale, was emphasized by Michael Moore as a negative aspect of the high paying jobs that the uneducated of the corridor had held-The secret is now never even alluded to by Michigan's deluded governor who proclaims that Michigan will become a new home for high-tech industries requiring skilled workers such as those working in the 7-11s along the I-75 corridor and those whose skill levels cannot even get them jobs for which their former UAW inspired titles, such as Millwright or Electrician, should make them qualified. When a new high-tech industry does come to Michigan it invariably brings with it Ph.ds from India and Pakistan and China who are qualified to be biotech or solar energy researchers. Former auto workers and even former automotive engineers wind up as janitorial staff at these companies or, if they are lucky, as laboratory assistants.

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    They were and are a great company. The thing that killed them is the UAW (United Auto Workers) they are a very powerful union that sucks all of the profitability and competetiveness out of the US automakers. It's amazing that any US automakers are still in business. They have to pay people $100k just to leave. My company can just give me two weeks and say see ya later. Not with the UAW. GM is still a great company and I'm very sad to see it go. It's market cap is now less than Harly davidson or bed bath and beyond. it's a real shame how greedy the UAW has been over the years. I can say this since My grandfather workd for GM.

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    I think they need to just size way way down as there not going to make it like they are and do it before its too late.I think they just got far too big.

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