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Isn't it a shame that Florida losing to Ole Mss probably wont matter at all this season?

you all have to admit that the Florida Gators are by far th hottest team in the nation right now....they have out scored their opponents 247-50 in the last 5 games and seem virtually unstoppable against any opponent....many of you dont know this yet, but Florida WILL win the national title this year....when they beat an undefeated alabama team in the SEC championship and this will vault them to the #2 spot, much like texas tech did when they defeated texas....and then it will most likely be texas tech vs. florida in the national championship...and florida will crush texas tech because texas tech(along with the rest of the big 12) doesnt play defense, and has as many offensive weapons as they do....opinions? doesnt really matter what any of you say because this is how its gonna go down...and for all you SEC haters out there....theres always next year....hahaha


marcus is a retard....hes gonna talk smack even though USC has the most pitiful schedule you've ever seen! USC isnt higher in the polls because they dont play anybody!!! plain and dont be a jealous lil better remember i said all this cuz your gonna feel retarded when it all happens the way I sat its gonna......stop hatin!

Update 2: QB in the whole game of football would be anything without an offensive line and a reciving core...are u thick? and TT beating ok st. isnt like florida beating georgia 49-10....georgia is a GOOD team.......TT hasnt seen a defense like florida....overrated? florida? they have so mant weapons on offense they are almost unstoppable!! hell trhey average 48.5 ppg and 445ypg...overrated like sex huh? you out of touch, poor little football fan....

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    Yeah, so it seems all top ten teams are on upset alert. Oregon State crushes USC. In what universe does that ever happen? But look at it this way, Florida has had a blow out with every team they beat so far this year, including LSU, the defending National Champions, and Georgia, who started the season #1. They have the best weapons in college football, including Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow. You know they'll end up crushing Alabama, which will give them a sure ticket to the BCS Championship. They only have a few teams left to play, but they should be able to hold off South Carolina, the Citadel, and Florida State, no doubt those games will be another blowout. They will go into the Championship and they are going to win this year. Everyone said that Ohio State would crush them in 2006, but the Gators just killed them 41-14. Should they be in the Top 5? No doubt about it.

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    Some of you all are so funny. You USC fans do realize that USC doesn't even control their own conference? If Oregon State wins the rest of their games, they go to the Rose Bowl.

    And whoever said TTech plays defense, just wait till the national championship game. Florida will be showing whoever's there what real defense looks like.

    Also, the Ole Miss fan had an excellent point. Even if the Gators go on to win the national championship, that loss will matter to the fans and players and coaches. I mean, sure we'll be thrilled to have won it all, but that one loss is something that we didn't want to have. And for Ole Miss, that is a huge win. Wins like that help their program's outlook and recruiting. They really aren't as bad a team as their record would seem to indicate. All their losses have been really close games. So in that sense, it does matter.

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    Ole Miss isn't as bad a team as people make them out to be.

    Apparently these days, this is the "hottest football equation"

    "A team who's seldom talked about = Terrible because if they aren't talked about, they have nobody good, and that = they suck"

    Fans are retarded. I will have to disagree with you on your opinion that if Florida and Texas Tech played, Florida would blow the Red Raiders out. I do not think that would happen.

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    It is a shame. It just shows that Florida is up there with Notre Dame as one of the most over rated teams in the nation. Florida is led up by Tim Tebow, who IS the most over rated player in the NCAA today. He deserves NO credit for the teams success. If it wasn't for his offensive line and his WR corps, he would do NOTHING. And TT doesn't play defense? Uh, look at their season. They have killed many of their opponents, mess up Colt McCoy, and look at what they just did to OK St. I'm sorry.. OK. St. is a GOOD team.. and they KILLED them. Then their second string even stopped them. Florida would be killed by TT. SEC is the best conference, but Florida is on mid scale in the conference.

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    This is an example of the coaches poll. They know the strength of the SEC and that a team like Ole Miss would probably win the Big East or ACC. It just has to take its beatings in the SEC. Coaches consistently rate the SEC high because of the respect level.

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    I love how people bag on FLA for losing to Ole Miss...granted, they should have won and then they would be sitting at #1 and not having to worry about it...but...

    Ole Miss has lost 4 games by a combined total of 19 points...

    the 4 teams they lost to (Wake, Vandy, South Carolina, Alabama) are a combined 28-10 this season...

    Ole Miss is actually playing very well this season...although Florida still should have beaten them..

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    It might not matter to the rest of you, but it definitely mattered to us Ole Miss fans. And whether they admit it or not, it matters to Florida fans. They'd like to be undefeated even if they win it all.

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    It is a shame. If you lose to an unranked team at home, you shouldn't be considered the national champion.

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    Haha this is funny...USC is the best team in country

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    I know it man. I really dont wanna have to play them for championship but its looking that way.


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