do indian people require passport to vosit nepal for 10 days.?

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    Nepal Traveler's Information


    Valid passport required by all except nationals of India holding proof of identity and arriving from India. (Acceptable proofs include Voter’s Identity Card issued by the Election Commission of India or Photo Identity Card issued by the state or central government of India or Temporary Photo ID issued by the Indian Diplomatic Mission in Nepal.)

    VISAS: Required by all except the following:

    (a) nationals of India;

    (b) transit passengers continuing their journey by the same or first connecting aircraft on the same day provided holding valid onward or return documentation and not leaving the airport.

    Types of visa and cost : Tourist : single-entry £20 (valid for two months from date of arrival); multiple-entry £55 (valid for six months from date of issue) Business : applications can be made on arrival which need to be approved by the Ministry of Industry.

    Note : (a) All nationals may obtain tourist visas on arrival at the airport. Two passport-size photos are required. (b) Business can be conducted on a Tourist visa for up to 30 days.

    Validity : Visas are valid for up to six months from date of issue. They may be extended in Nepal at the Department of Immigration, Kathmandu (tel: 494 273 or 494 337), or the Immigration Office, Pokhara. Maximum stay in Nepal is 150 days in any calendar year. For full conditions on visa extension (including charges and conditions), contact the Consulate (or Consular section at Embassy); see Contact Addresses section.

    Application to : Consulate (or Consular section at Embassy). Visas can also be obtained on arrival from the Immigration authorities at all entry points (with fees payable in US Dollars) provided travellers are in possession of valid travel documents, two passport photos and the relevant fee. Applications for Business visas must be made to the Department of Immigration (see above under Validity for address).

    Application requirements : (a) One completed application form. (b) Valid passport. (c) One passport-size photo. (d) Fee (in cash, postal order or bankdraft). (e) For business visas, letter from company explaining purpose of visit, accompanying application made direct to Department of Immigration in Nepal (as above). (f) A stamped addressed envelope if applying by post.

    Working days required : One; two to three weeks if applying by post.

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    No, you don't require visa to come to Nepal if you're an Indian Neither Nepalese require. Nepal and India have got both mutual agreement for the following. Neighbouring countries generally dont require passport nor visa as Australians or New Zealanders don't need passport or visa to travel Australia or New Zealand. Similarly, Finlanders don't need visa to UK etc.

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    No need of requirement of passport to Indian people to visit Nepal.

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