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Andrea asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

Do you think Israel will attack Iran before Bush gets out of office, or do you think Iran will wait for Obama?

take office to attack Israel?(Israel has threatened a pre-emptive strike while Bush is in office to ensureAmerica will defend them) According to the Koran, all Muslim nations will have to ban together and attack Israel if there is a war. This will start WW3. We HAVE to be involved because of our dependency on foreign oil. Akmadenajad already refused to sit down with Obama, even though Obama said he would meet with him without preconditions. I think all the Muslim countries are going to take advantage of Obama, just like Akmadenajad has. Question is, how long do you give us before sh** hits the fan, just like Biden warned?


according to Israel newspapers, those"earthquakes" a couple of weeks ago were really Iran testing nukes

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    1 decade ago
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    I think Iran will wait for obama because they know he will be supporting the destruction of Israel.

    People i hope you find God.

    Read revelations or Luke chapter 21 in the bible and you determine for yourself of what will happen when our troops are surrounding Israel.

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    4 years ago

    The Israeli's are aware that Obama has wavered all over the place when it comes to anything in the Middle East. Israel is not sure what, if anything he would do should they wait to strike Iran's nuclear facilities, so if Obama is elected I think they will strike before Obama would take office. If one believes Biblical prophecy, there are passages than can be interpreted as the destruction of Persia and the city of Damascus in Syria which will near the end times. I have always believed Israel would be the country to start a nuclear war because of constant threats from the Arab world. Many Israeli leaders are leery of Obama because of his Muslim heritage through his father.

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    If Israel has hope of getting US support they had better attack while Bush is still in charge, Obama will leave them high and dry and I think that this is the "test of Obama" that Joe Biden was alluding to a few weeks back when he predicted a world crisis and that we would not like Obama's decision but we should support his decision.

    Israel's enemies are already lining up on their borders even though peace talks are still underway, Bush wants Israel to give up the Golan Heights in exchange for Syria's non support of Iran. That would be a grave mistake as the Golan Heights are a strategic military advantage to Israels defense. Giving up the Golan Heights just might start Armageddon.

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    Good question! I think that Israel might just go for it before Bush leaves office. If they don't then Iran will wait for Obama. If Iran waits for Obama, my thoughts go to what Biden said a few weeks ago- America will be tested- and we may not like how Obama responds. Or how he doesn't??

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have answered similar questions in recent months. Israel will more than likely strike the iranian nuclear facilities prior to Bush leaving office.

    This would require u.s. forces to come to the aid of israel if they were to come close to being over run.

    Bush has done nothing but waste countless american lives in a cause so unjust is ridiculous.

    The taliban and al quaida are as strong as ever they've just moved out of iraq and back to Afghanistan. We've made no progress just wasted lives and treasure.

    We should have just nuked the bastar ds and be done with them all.

    In the 1973 conflict I was aboard a carrier in the south china sea that began steaming toward a launch point with all our planes loaded with nukes.

    We were to strike syria and the russians. Nixon actually threatened the russians with a full nuclear strike if they didnt get syria to back off of israel.

    It worked to the israeli's advantage then and it will again.

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    Israel very well could be planning such an event as attacking Iran while Bush is in office, and it sounds plausible. If they wait, then Obama will not support them, while Bush probably will.

    I think also that when Biden was briefed at the White House on National Security, he was told that Iran has the bomb and tested it already. This is probably why Biden warned us before hand. I don’t think he could keep that to himself.

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    It is Jimmy the cricket Carter all over again. The democrats are spineless, like Clinton getting BJ's while terrorists were plotting. Bush DID something, better then nothing over 9/11. He destroyed their training grounds in Afghanistan. The terrorists have free reign in Iran right now. Obama wanted to get elected and he said "anything" to get where he is now. He is beholding to the liberals. Liberals NEVER want to get engaged in any conflicts because it is not NICE! Iran knows this. They can't wait, their smiling because the cowboy Bush would annihilated them. Obama will send them a strong letter.

  • Edg1
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    1 decade ago

    I think it's a good possibility. Israel has been held back to some degree by the U.S. and the "peace process". now with an inexperienced know nothing in the white house every thing comes into play.Already we see our enemies emboldened and preparing.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not long...WWIII has already begun. The terrorist groups are economically supported by actual governments and they work by proxy. Look at how France and Russia supported the rights of Saddam during the weapons inspections...this was not because they liked Saddam. No matter who is president we are already in it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    WW3 will happen regardless of bush getting out or Obama going in, we are screwed both ways

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