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Should the Cincinnati Reds sign any Free Agents, developing their own players, or trade for someone? Who?

Considering that the Reds need some hitters playing outfield and catcher...

and that none of the free agents available are good middle of the order hitters, affordable, and play catcher or outfield...should they trade for someone...or just play own guys and develop talent...

BTW all their pitchers Harang, Arroyo, Cueto, and Volquez are off limits for trades as they should be!

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    I'm a Reds fan and I'll give you my perspective. They need to sign free agents, because they always make crappy trades that rarely pay off. Volquez trade was good. They've tried developing their own players ever since 1990, and look, we're still rebuilding so it doesn't look good. The Reds don't like to open up that wallet for big time players but they got too in order to hang with Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Louis.

    I would like for them to trade, possible for Garrett Atkins and trade Edwin Encarnacion, Daryl Thompson, and Homer Bailey for him, possibly Matt Maloney too as a package deal, and Cincinnati should also acquire Yorvit Torrealba and/or Chris Iannetta. They definitely need a right handed hitter, catcher, and a inexpensive short stop. That don't need Pat Burrell, because he's like Adam Dunn who the Reds traded, to move on from the Dunn-Griffey era. A good option would be Milton Bradley or bring in Bobby Abreu because the Reds needs a leader to go along with a young team. Sort of like how the Rays had Cliff Floyd this past year. They should look at getting Ivan Rodriguez, Jason Varitek, Paul Lo Duca, Johnny Estrada, or Henry Blanco for like a one year contract. Varitek would be great to help with the young starting staff. Don't re-sign David Weathers. But bring back Mike Lincoln and Jeremy Affeldt. Estrada, Lo Duca, and Blanco are more in the price range for the Reds. Possibly bring up Drew Stubbs maybe in the outfield. Yonder Alonso is to young. Just played college ball this past season.

    I agree, and heard from GM Walt Jocketty, that Harang, Arroyo, Cueto, and Volquez are set to to stay. I say let their own guys battle or the 5th spot in the rotaion, don't bring anyone in. I would narrow the 5th spot too Micah Owings with his bat and in Great American Ballpark, he sure will have a field day or let Ramon Ramirez start.

    Definitely bring back Jerry Hairston Jr. Let him and Keppinger stay at the shortstop postition. If the Reds don't go after any free agent position players this should be the line up and depth chart.

    LF Drew Stubbs, Jerry Hairston Jr. Ryan Freel

    CF Chris Dickerson, give him a shot, Jerry Hairston Jr. Ryan Freel

    RF Jay Bruce

    1B Joey Votto

    2B Brandon Phillips, Danny Richar

    SS Jerry Hairston Jr., Jeff Keppinger

    3B Edwin Encarnacion, Jerry Hairston Jr., Jeff Keppinger, Ryan Freel

    C Ryan Hannigan, Wilkin Castillo

    Startin Pitchers Harang, Arroyo, Cueto, Volquez, Owings

    Bullpen Cordero, Bray, Lincoln, Affeldt, Ramirez, Burton, for the last spot Masset, and Roenicke/Herrera/Majewski

    I'd definitely like to have some of the following free agents possibly. Possible choices the Reds could afford.

    Edwin Jackson, Bobby Abreu, Milton Bradley, Ivan Rodriguez, Paul Lo Duca, Jason Varitek, Henry Blanco, Johnny Estrada, Joe Beimel, Brian Fuentes, Mark Kotsay, Rocco Baldelli, Casey Blake, Doug Brocail, Paul Byrd, Orlando Cabrera, bring back Ryan Dempster, Freddy Garcia, Mark Mulder, Brian Shouse Jon Garland, Toby Hall, Greg Zaun, and Russ Springer. There's a lot to choose from. I hope this helps!!!!

    Source(s): Here's the depth chart currently for the Reds. It'd be nice to have Mark Teixera, but not likely to happen. He'd be unstoppable at Gret American Ballpark.
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  • At C, they can consider: I-Rod, Paul Lo Duca, and Henry Blanco. Those guys are all threats defensively or at the plate.

    As for the outfield.. boy, many options:

    Juan Rivera (1 full season removed from a .300+ BA with 20HRS.

    Garrett Anderson: Consecutive .295+BA seasons 15+HRS 80+ RBIs

    Bobby Abreu: 6+ 100RBI seasons w/t 15+ HRS each +BA around .295

    Milton Bradley: Healthy and whackin' the ball

    Biggest steal in OF this year: Milton Bradley

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    Yea they should look to sign a hitter at OF or catcher...Mark Kotsay and Ivan Rodriguez should only be looking for 1 year contracts...Their also Pat Burrell and Milton Bradley,but their looking for 3 or 4 year contracts.

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    They need to get some effective bullpen guys to hold down the leads they get in the late innings.

    Joe Beimel is a free agent. They should try to sign him. Also, rumor has it that the Rays are dangling SP Edwin Jackson. I think he would be a great addition as a 5th starter/ long reliever.

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  • I think they should continue to grow prospects. mostly because they have a low payroll. They have a first baseman is Yonder Alonso who was drafted last June. Next year, if they can surprise people, they can rent a player at the trade deadline.

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    they should get manny ramirez . he can get some key hits for them in the season. they should get some good prospects and try them. i dont think they should trade anyone. they will be much better next year

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