What caliber bullet do you use in a Luger 1940, or how do you tell?

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    The most common Luger calibers are 9x19mm and 7.65mm (.30 Luger). Other chamberings include the .32 ACP, .380 ACP and .45 ACP, all of which are very rare. Also scarce are .22LR, 4mm and 6mm conversion units.

    Since your Luger was made in 1940 it is 9mm. If it was made in 1900 it would be 7.65mm-bottlenecked cartridge known in the U.S. as the .30 Luger. Due to the complaints of the striking power of the 7.65mm, Luger developed a new cartridge for the Luger in 1902 called the 9x19mm which became universally known as the 9mm Parabellum or simply the 9mm Luger. In 1907, a few Lugers were made for the .45 ACP cartridge for competition in the U.S. military trial then taking place, but the pistol lost out to the Colt Government model. All American Lugers made by DWM carry the American eagle crest over the chamber. While the Luger failed to interest the U.S. military, it did quite well as a civilian arm. Among the main U.S. importers and distributors were Stoeger and Abercrombie & Fitch.

    I have a 1914 Luger made by Erfurt. It's not that much to look at, but it is pretty accurate for being 94 years old. I hope I can still shoot when I'm 94 years old.

    What other markings are on the toggle?

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    9mm Luger, parabellum

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    all lugers shoot the 9mm parabellum

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    Should be 9mm.Take good care of your gun. Don't refinish it in any way. It is a very collectable gun.

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