So what if Iran had nuclear weapons? ?

Is America the only country allowed to have nuclear weapons?

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    There are nine countries with nuclear weapons, including Israel. Israel is the reason why the entire Middle East will inevitable be in a nuclear arms race sooner than later. Israel has attacked its neighbors without being provoked more than once, it can happen again. Israel constantly bombards Lebanon and Syria. If Iran had nuclear weapons it would lead Arab countries to seek nuclear weapons to protect themselves against Iran, because Iran is a Shiite country with anti-monarchy political ideology and historically Iran (Persia) is hostile toward the Arabs, whom are Sunni Muslims and almost every Arab country is a monarchy.

    It is inevitable that all nations of the world acquire nuclear weapons, there is no weapon that is too powerful for a nation to acquire for its defense. As all nations of the world acquire nuclear weapons, it will become more and more difficult for nations to go to war with each other at the slightest provocation, and instead they will be forced to resolve their disputes through negotiations and plebiscite. As the age of full-scale wars ends, nations will be able to dedicate a greater portion of their budget for education, which will further help reduce the chances of war and terrorism.

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    To keep the nation safe, yes. Think about it, if corrupted, terrorist countries had access to that type of weapons they wouldn't know how to control it and cause many problems that our country knows would not be right. We haven't launched a nuclear device since WWII, we have them for safety. So with Iran having Nuclear weapons it is not the safest thing in the world.

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    Basically every nation in the world has the same rights as America, but the notion dictates that Islamic radicalism are the one controlling Iran is as dangerous as a mad man or crazy person holding a bag of explosives.

    Iran's main ambition is to export to moderate muslim countries by force its brand of Islamic extremism and to eventually to all non-muslim countries..That's why free nations are wary of Iran possessing nuclear weapons.

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    The US destroyed two cities in Japan which technically was a war crime.

    Can you imagine what Iran might do to us? Or if the nukes were simply stolen from them and used on us? They won't stop with just two.

    Personally I would like to just leave them over there to fight themselves but unfortunately...there are many innocent families who suffer for no reason. And once they are done there...they may come after us anyway.

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    1 decade ago

    yea basically casue there the "world police" bs much i know but yea if there the only ones with nuclear weapons had the need to blow up some country aries well easy for them

    but we all know countless other countries have nuks as well

  • Lou
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    Everyone is afraid Iran will attack Israel and then the US would have to be there to defend Israel. That would be an all out nuclear war.

  • Coasty
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    1 decade ago


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