Past employer telling someone im trying to get a job with detailed info...?

help.. i live in FL and i worked at a daycare and was terminated for a stupid reason (too long to type). When I filled out an application at a hopeful future job they did a background check and i did tell about being terminated. When the future job called the old job the owner was rude and disclosed many different information about the situation. I am almost done going to school (2year associates degree) for criminal justice and every job in that field basically makes you do a background check but if she is disclosing all this information I will never be able to get a job. Especially when she is lying. what can i do?


I live in melbourne Fl. Please include a link where I can read up on some of this if anyone has one. I tried to google it but was unsuccessful. Thanks

Update 2:

To KW: Sorry I was trying to type fast because I am doing this and searching for information at the same time. She told the future employer that I never came to work on time (not true) and that I was a terrible employee (not true, as I had no other writeups or anything before this incident) she also told the future employer that something happened which did not (again, its a long story).and yes i do agree that the reason i was fired was reasonable, but when the future employer asked about me being terminated she was not truthful with the information as to why i was terminated( she added her own twist to the story which makes the whole situation sound 20x worse then it actually was)

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    Check with your state on guidelines for previous employment.

    Most employers won't disclose anything except for dates of employment because they're afraid of getting sued.

    You can sue your former employer if she said something malicious, and it barred you from getting a new job, but you'd have to prove she said it, which means that the prospective employer would have to testify for you, and they usually want to avoid that like the plague.

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    Most states limit the amount of information a previous employer can disclose. It is possible you could have a civil case against your previous employer, all it would take is for a lawyer to call this company and if they disclose the same information you have the evidence for your case, this depends however on your state laws but I believe this may also be covered under federal law.

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    Employers are allowed to verify that you did work there, how long, and what your salary was any more than that has to be sent in writing future employers have the right to see past employment records but they have to be requested, if they give any other info over the phone they can be sued, what you do is have somebody you know call the company inquiring about you and record it make sure they sound professional and see what they tell that person,

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    In order to answer your question correctly, what is "many different information"?

    If it is lies, then you have to prove they are lies. However, it appears that you agree with why you were terminated, you just believe it was stupid. So, if the owner is stating why, that is no lie. Secondly, being "rude" is not against the law.

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    Maybe have someone call the daycare pretending to be a potential employer and get it recorded. Sue her for defamation of character.

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