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What can I feed to a cat?

There is a lost kitty that came by my window today. He wouldn't go away. I noticed that he didn't have a collar or anything. I decided to give him a bowl of milk, and a plate of tuna. It looked like he really enjoyed it. I put a towel in a sideways box, and put it at the side of my deck, and he's staying in there now. I need to know what else I can give him, other than actual cat food; I can't afford to bring him in with that kind of responsibility yet. What else can I give him? He's hungry and pawing at the glass sliding-door right now, since his tuna is finished. Help me out guys,



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    Don't give him anymore milk. Cow's milk is bad for cats; you can by low-lactose cat milk if you want but you should always offer plain water in addition to this. The tuna is good and so would any plain meat.

    All this should only be in the short term though; if you cannot invite the cat into your home then you need to take it to a shelter to find a home. If you could offer it a temporary home with real cat food you could put poster about and hope the owner comes forward and then call the shelter.

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    Don't be silly! It's cheaper to feed a cat catfood than expensive humanfood!! Anyway, tuna and other human food is not good for cats.

    Also, just because he doesn't have a collar doesn't mean he doesn't belong to anyone - some people prefer not to dress their cats in constrictive (and often dangerous) collars. You shouldn't have fed it until you were sure it was being neglected - giving it such rich treats as milk and tuna is bound to make even a well-fed cat hang around!

    It's all or nothing with cats - if you can't take full care of it you should take it to someone who can. Or maybe you should put posters up round the area and see if you can find its owners.

    Anyway, if you're SURE you're this kitty's only source of food, you can feed it unseasoned cooked meat IN THE SHORT TERM ONLY until you can go to the store for some cat food.

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    Dry kitten food and water is the best food for a kitten. Kittens should not drink milk as they can easily get diarrhea. Tuna is fine for a treat but not for a regular diet for a kitten. Dry kitten food is the only thing with the complete nutrition that a growing kitten needs. And it is not too ng for their young digestive system.

    Until you can get to the store, which should be soon...boiled chicken would be ok, mash it or cut into small pieces. A small amount of boiled hamburger would be ok too. Scramble an egg and chop that up.

    Maybe a friend of yours that has a cat would loan you a cup or two of cat food until you get to the store.

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    He can't drink regular milk all the time if he is little. It gives them worms. Try kitten formula or get some wet food for cats (they have different flavors). And I've heard that regular tuna isn't good for them either.

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    Well, you can't really go half way. Either you are going to take full responsibility for the cat, or you need to call animal control so they can pick it up. It's not fair to feed it and let it hang around your house, but deny it of medical attention and a safe home. Also, cats are lactose intolerant, so no more milk. Boiled meat- chicken- would be fine.

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    theres not much you can give him other than acatual cat food. I work at PetSmart with the cats and i know that if you keep giving a cat tuna/salmon over and over again there likely to develop diarrahea, liver disease, and heartworm. I can recommend some really good cat food that is cheap. Authority is really good, as well as getting cheap wet can food for like 50 cents a can. hard food is good food. But like i said if you keep giving him tuna/salmon he/she could get really sick

    ++hope i helped++

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    Well cats shouldnt get a lot of milk. They can eat unseasoned baked or fried drained out oil meat and stuff like that. NO CHACOLATE :]

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    cooked or raw chicken, turkey, deli meat, baby food (only the meat ones) they are obligate carnivores, but perhaps you should try to find someone that will take it in and can care for it properly.

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    Try this recipe

    1 cup water

    1/3 cup dry rice

    2 tsp corn oil

    1/2 tsp iodized salt

    2/3 cup ground meat

    1 tbls. bonemeal

    2 tbls cooked liver

    Bring water to a boil. Add the rice, corn oil, salt and simmer for 20 mins over low heat.

    dredge the meat with the bonemeal. add the meat and liver to the rice mix, stir, and simmer for another 15 min

    cool and serve. freeze leftovers in small portions.

    Good luck!

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