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GUYS: do you get turned on everytime you see a naked woman?

im talking about pretty, naked women. so dont answer "not if its an ugly woman!" but im talking about like in movies, random graffiti of naked girls, posters, etc...

if you are around your girlfriend, does that play a factor? like if your watching a movie with your gf and theres a big female nude scene...


do you guys get a b*ner? sorry, but that was what i meant by turned on....

Update 2:

what about if you see a girl in a bikini at the beach? or even just a pair of breast in a movie or anywhere?

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    It depends on the context. Like, if you go to a nudist beach or resort, no. After only a couple of minutes (if that long), nudity is not sexual at all.

    However, if an add or movie is set up for the nudity to produce a reaction, then sure! Pure nudity is much less effective than partial nudity, and again, it depends on what is happening. Does the woman just happen to be nude, or is the nudity being used for effect? It makes a difference. Also, is it a real person, or a drawing or cartoon? That also makes a difference.

    Being with someone makes no difference to what is going on inside your head. You learn quickly though, don't articulate your thoughts out loud! :)

    To sum up: no, not every time. Not far off though....

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    no not really, i like it when women are dressed up - i like to have some romance in my fantasies. i know alot of men just want bare naked, in the rear, all ways, etc. for me i fantasize about taking a girl to prom or homecoming first and then having sex after.well sometimes i can get turned on if they are naked but usually only if they have long hair - so there has to be alot of femininity involved. so yes if i went to prom i would be turned on because of all the women there and only because of how they are dressed up not because of boob size or butt size, etc, there are certain dresses that really do turn me on....but right now it doesnt turn me on that much anymore like it did in the past, in fact in the future i know one day i dont be turned on by women anymore, so many of them only want bad boys, or mr tall, dark, and hansome, or big buff guy, dating and relationships is a joke to me so that is one modivation on why i get less turned on as time goes on.

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    Nope. Maybe when i was younger but not anymore. Not that i dont find them attractive but i can look at the female body and not laugh and be giddy cause i see girl parts.

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    Most of the time, yes. But not always.

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    oh yes. absolutely. it doesn't take much to turn us on

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