Do you need to have lessons in an electric car before you can buy and drive one?

I am taking my driving lessons and having a little trouble with the clutch all of a sudden. Was fine first few lessons and its gone all wrong.

When I pass my test I was wondering if I could just buy an electric car instead of manual. Can you? And are they more expensive? And also, how do they work?

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    First of all, stick with the clutch. you will never regret learning on a manual transmission automobile once you get the hang of it.

    Secondly, if you do abandon a manual transmission vehicle, you can learn on an automatic transmission vehicle. The issue here is that you started talking about transmissions and you ended up asking about powerplants. An electric car can have a manual or automatic transmission, as can an ICE powered car (Internal Combustion Engine.) The transmission is just the way to get the power to the wheels.

    So if you're just learning to drive it would probably be better served by sticking with the manual or going to automatic if you have to, but in an internal combustion engine car. Electric cars are coming, and soon they will be very commonplace, but they won't be much more difficult to learn to drive than an ICE car - although there will be some changes because of the intrinsic nature of an electric motor (no torque when no power applied, instant torque on startup instead of a traditional power curve, etc.)

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    No, you don't need any special lessons. In general, they are easier to drive than gasoline cars. Even ones with manual transmission - you can't stall an electric motor - so you can just let your foot off the clutch and go. You only have to use it to shift gears - when you stop the car, the motor stops too.

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    Yes you can buy an electric car but they are more expensive.


    Tesla (REALLY expensive)

    The Tango


    Chevrolet will be releasing the Volt in 2010.

    Electric cars are very complex but the basic principle of how they work is not much different than that of a radio controlled electric car. btw..r/c electric cars are lots of fun! lol

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