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Have you seen this Hal Turner Video regarding the Amero?

Notice that he was warning us before the financial crisis occurred.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I had never heard of it or him but a Wikipedia article claims Hal Turner's interpretation of the Amero as being U.S. Treasury mint made is false:

    Have you seen the Wikipedia article?: "In August 2007, rumors and conspiracy theories began circulating across the Internet regarding alleged United States Treasury-issued "amero" coins.

    The inspiration behind these rumors may have been the posting of images of medallions created by coin designer Daniel Carr.[1] Carr, who designed the New York and Rhode Island 2001 statehood quarters, sells medals and tokens of his own design on his commercial website, "Designs Computed" (also known as "DC Coin").[1] Among his designs are a series of gold, silver and copper fantasy issues of "amero coins" ranging in denomination from one to one thousand.[1] The coins have the legend "Union of North America" on the back with his company's logo, a stylized "DC",[20] in small type.[21]"

    "The debunking website Snopes also ran a further debunking of Turner's claims, stating:

    "Neither the U.S. Mint nor the U.S. Treasury has a hand in creating these 'Ameros'. These coins are merely collectibles offered to the buying public by a private company in the business of manufacturing such curiosities."[25]

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes I have.

    People need to wake up fast.

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