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My friends wants a Rabbit, Please help with some questions!?

What are some cool names for a rabbit??

What are the care tips for keeping a rabbit??

What are some ways she can bond with her rabbit?

Cage tips??

Grooming tips??

Food and treat tips??

First time rabbit owner tips??



help cause i dont know if shes gonna get one or not so we have to know...

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    1. Names for your rabbit:








    2. Care tips for your rabbit:

    It is best to get more than rabbit so they aren't lonely

    Let your rabbit settle for a couple of days before you handle him/her

    Make sure he/she is brushed regularly

    Get them registered at the local vets

    Make sure your rabbits cage is a suitable size

    3. How to bond with your rabbit

    Grooming him/her

    Picking her/him up daily once he/she has settled in

    Stroking and talking to him/her

    4. Cage tips

    Make sure your cage is strong to withstand rain and wind

    Make sure your cage is a suitable size for your rabbit - depending on the breed

    It would be best if your cage had a separate part for yur rabbit to sleep in - if not a wooden house or bench will do

    It would be great if your rabbit had a run as this let them exercise

    They like sawdust on he floor of their cage and hay where they sleep so they can make a nest out of it

    Make sure your rabbit cage is about two feet from the floor to protect them from other animals

    5. Grooming tips

    Make sure your rabbit is groomed regularly - especially when he/she is malting

    If your rabbit is long haired groom more often to stop his/her fur getting matted and his/her fur will need to be cut

    6. Food and treat tips

    Give yor rabbit half a bowl of dry food a day eg russel rabbit or supa rabbit

    Give him/her fresh vegetables every day and make sure they are chopped to an appropriate size for your rabbit.

    You can give your rabbit treats but not oo often as they are fattening. However chew sticks are great as they help them knaw their teeth down.

    Make sure your rabbit has fresh water every day

    7. First time rabbit owner tips

    Rabbits are great pets as they are fun and cute

    Make sure you clean your rabbit out weekly to keep him/her happy

    Have fun :)

    Hope this helped :)

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    Red wood very harmful! *If it's going to be an outdoor rabbit then have the cage be about 2 feet (the minimum) so snakes of any other harmful animal will not get in *also if an outdoor rabbit then don't have chicken wire because animals could get in easily. *Don't give them baths, they're like cats they clean themselves * When trimming nails look closely for the blood line (it's very easy to see) don't want to cut it. (hint: I think it's easier when you have 1 person to help you when trimming nails because 1 person can hold the bunny then the other person can trim the nails *You can let your rabbit go outside but temperatures over 85F can be harmful and I’m so sorry I forgot the minimum I think it's 71F. also getting a harness (like what some dog's use) is a good choice if you want to walk your bunny *You should get a flea comb (works best) to comb your rabbit’s fur, I suggest combing about every other week *Get some wooden toys (can get them at any pets store basically) the wood will help keep their teeth keep at the regular length *Feed your rabbit pellets *Every once and a while you can give them SMALL bit of banana or strawberry because those things are very high in sugar so it could make your rabbit sick if you get him/her sick *Veggies are great for rabbits when your rabbit is under the age of 5 months he/she can have a maximum of ¼ of a carrot when your rabbit he can have a maximum of ½ a carrot *When you pick them up it’s OK to pick them up my their back fur (that’s how their mother’s do it) *Rabbit can live up to about 8 years *When traveling keep the windows up because rabbits are very sensitive to car exhaust *The cages should be big enough that your rabbit can hop around *Rabbits make a grunting noise when they’re trying to say leave me alone please *When your rabbit thumps that means danger *Rabbit’s rub their chin against stuff when they’re marking their territory *When your rabbit licks/kisses you that mean he/she loves you *If your rabbit is kept indoors then don't keep it near a window, heater or AC *When ever your rabbit is out watch him/her closly

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    The best book you should read and have your friend read is:

    "Rabbits" by Guidry $10 @ Petsmart or Petsupermarket....

    And you never ever give your rabbit spinach, lettuce, cabbage etc. they cause diarrhea and can kill your rabbit. You can give a mini carrot stick once a day as a treat or small piece of banana or a small amount of alfalfa hay. Offer unlimited Timothy Hay. 1/3-1/2 cup pellets a day as well...

    NEVER USE CEDAR OR PINE BEDDING. Only Aspen or Carefresh.

    You can use what cage you like best.... depending on indoors or outdoors. Outdoors, you want a strong hutch thats easy to clean.

    I recommend going to the House Rabbit Society to adopt a rabbit first- they'll be spayed or neutered for you and they'll PERSONALLY KNOW the rabbit and it's behavior and which is best for you. Remember rabbits can live 8 years....

    Rabbits are solitary at best, unless they are both females and have been together since birth. Trying to introduce a new rabbit may never work. It is ALWAYS best to have your rabbit spayed or neutered to stop aggression and for the rabbit's health.

    Look @ these sites first (they're awesome) - then see what you think!

    All You Want To Know About Rabbits


    Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club


    National Mini Rex Rabbit Club


    American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.


    Rabbit and Cavy Directory


    Tampa Bay House Rabbit Society


    House Rabbit Society


    Florida Rabbit


    Make Mine Chocolate! Campaign


    Source(s): Rabbit Breeder/Owner
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