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How do i put a youtube video on youtube from imovie on a mac?

I have a Video that i made on imovie and i want to put it on youtube but when i got to get it the clicker will not let me select it if someone could help me out i would apreciate it a lot thanks

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    I can tell you that using iMovie 08 to upload to Youtube is easy once you know how.

    The main thing is to have a completed project - you can't upload events.

    First import your video clips into iMovie. They will show as new events in the lower screen.

    Now click on 'File' > 'New Project' and give it a name etc., I use standard (4:3) setting. Click 'Create'.

    Highlight your new project in the Project Library pane if it isn't already.

    Edit your video by dragging your chosen clips into your new project i.e. from the lower screen to the upper screen.

    Once you are happy, then click on 'Share' from the top menu.

    The 3rd choice in 'Share ' is Youtube.

    All you have to do is type your Youtube account name in and that's it.

    Just keep your movie length to 10 minutes max.

    Regards, Zyfert

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    You have to change the format of the video.

    Click file, save as, and change the extention to something like .mov or .mp4

    Should work fine. Good luck.

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    well i dont really know

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