Obama Wants a Voluntary Military?

That is what he promised during his campaign speeches.

This is from a GOP PDF file, but it is true.

What are your thoughts?

I think American are already givers. It's like a slap across the face saying that we (Americans) don't care are we don't volunteer. Besides everyone in the military has to want to be there. Just like someone in college has to want to be there.



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  • 1 decade ago
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    He also plans to use our children as indentured servants.

    Don't believe me?

    Get it straight from the horse's mouth:



    This changed over the past 24 hours, voters! He changed the "requirement" for middle, jr, and high school aged students to do community service to a "goal".

    More importantly, the 4k/year he promised the college kids to steal their votes has now magically changed to 4k TOTAL (not per year).

    Welcome to the beginning of the backpeddling.


  • 1 decade ago

    I haven't heard him say those words, so I can't say if it's true or not. Listening to him from the primaries to the presidential campaign I have yet to hear anything remotely close come out of his mouth. I believe he wants a strong United front to go into Afghanistan and defeat the terrorists. He wants to bring our troops home strategically and safely sound. If he did say that, then he would have to fight the House of Representatives to make that happen and it won't. When you sign up for selective service it gives government the right to draft you if need be.

  • Daisy
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    1 decade ago

    What are you a typical conservative? My thoughts on the military is that war first should be outlawed. If you insist fight it out in virtual reality (xbox 360 Halo). Then the draft reinstated to enable our youth to experience life away from mommy and daddy. We need a trained force to aid those Americans facing major disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, earthquakes, floods etc. After serving these well trained citizens would then be hire-able as firemen, police, etc. or enrolled in Universities to be teachers,scientist, doctors, lawyers, or go into business.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well as a Vet. I do believe that if he does lessen our forces this will only hurt us and weaken our borders. We should of not pulled out of the first( PGW) in 1992 this was Clinton who ask or told us too., then look what happen to New York in 2001 I feel if we would of stay this would not of happened to us.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Our military is volunteers already. No one drafted me when I joined. Obama wants a private military outside our current so it will be under his complete controll.When that happens you will be helpless against him.

  • logan
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    1 decade ago

    We already have a voluntary military. Why don't you find something legit to complain about?


    ADD ON:

    Involuntary? No he doesn't want to bring back the draft. He is talking about community service though, which I don't have a problem with. I think its wonderful to give back to your community and your country. What is wrong with that? It won't be mandatory, but if you need help with tuition, it's a great idea. A lot of school districts are now requiring a minimum amount of hours of community service in order to graduate. Kids these days need to feel a sense of community and need to learn how to help out people other than themselves. They are in general all too self consumed. He is trying to bring back the patriotism and mind set of the "greatest generation" and for those of who don't know who they are, they were the generation of WW11. They sacrificed everything for our country, their sacrifices is what got our country through one of the worst times in history. We are not that far from it today.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's a proven fact he wants the draft.

  • J&J
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    1 decade ago

    I think you worded your question strangely. Our military is all volunteer - no draft.

  • 1 decade ago

    We already have a voluntary military.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This was in the context of a Draft.

    He doesn't want a draft, when McCain had said that it was on the table.

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