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Is the Mormon Church the right boogeyman for gay marriage going down in California?

I saw a Yahoo news article yesterday, gays are attacking the Mormon Church, saying they conspired to strike down gay marriage. However, I also heard that 70% of blacks voted against gay marriage. So, are the Mormons really to blame? Or did overwhelming black turnout for Obama and his "compassionate" socialism have the unintended consequence of striking down gay marriage?

Oh the tangled web we weave, eh?

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    This is something that I have noticed among many of my black friends....nothing racial intended....but when the topic of homosexuality comes up ....most of them regard it as a choice; flat out.

    So, I do think your theory is very possible....and definitely ironic. Mormons would've voted against gay marriage and for McCain least most of them b/c they usually consider themselves Republicans.

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    No probably the economy is.

    Let me explain. Even those who do not mind same sex unions realize the marriage thing is for economic benefits. They also realize how many people could and would cheat the system that were single in their 50s and 60s. Claiming a marriage to a good friend could increase their Social Security, health care, pension etc. The Cheating would be wide spread. One possible out come could be the loss of a spouses' larger benefits for the straight mother who did spend time raising children. These loses would make her old age harder as her benefits are not as built up, and laws compensating for cheating could take away shared benefits for straight couples and gay couples alike..

    You see with gay marriage only real gays benefit the rest of society could have something to loose. And either way gay people can live anyway they want no one is stopping them

    Hence you have religious people who are annoyed (this would include many blacks, Mormons, etc.), some straight people who are annoyed (some just plain know they are forced to accept seeing these things but behind a closed curtain they vote against it because it is annoying), and some thinking economically that are not gay (these would either be the smart people who actually THINK, or those who rationalize because they are annoyed, of both).

    I would like to add one more thing. The commercial that ran for gay marriage actually HURT the cause of getting Prop 8 canned. People who are annoyed, even if they never say so because it is not Politically Correct, actually respond inside with a small smile seeing wedding bands taken from same sex couples. That emotional response reinforces their ability to vote gay marriage down in private. The couples were not beaten, they were not abused, they stayed in their homes, and someone took their wedding bands and they felt humiliated. So what? People are desensitized to what they see on TV and that commercial was like a cartoon of what many would like to see done. (Rather nice home too, which those who think economically might mind not being able to get as easily because they have to compete with the economic competition in the market held by gay marriage's economic gains. Political Commercails have to really be done right, that one helped the other side.)

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    No it is not the citizens of this state overwhelmingly voted no to gay marriage four years ago (two or three don't remember)supreme court judges actually overturned the vote of the citizens of calif. this created a firestorm that these judges could abolish freedom of choice and democracy. Lets say some who do not want Obama would have the supreme court(who they control)declare the election of Obama illegal unconstitutional etc. and gave the vote to McCain how would you Obamamites feel about that. Well the people of Calif. were angry it had nothing to do with the Morman church i am not a Morman. Now the gays say that democracy has nothing to do with gay rights which is a lot of horsey doo.

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    I don't think they are alone in the prop 8 fight but they did spend millions on the measure and produce highly inflammatory advertising the twisted the idea of gay marriage into something to fear.

    Whenever one person or group stands at the head of a controversial fight they will become the primary object of attack.

    I for one have never completely understood the arguments against gay marriage. Gay people already live together, own home, own businesses, are part of the community etc. Legalizing it only affects civil marriage, if doesn't force church to perform them if they don't want to. It make absolutely no difference to straight marriage. So what is the big deal!?

    The only arguments against it is that it hasn't happened in history which in only partly true, (there were rites akin to marriage for same sex couples in Ancient Greece, and Egypt to name two); and the bible disapproves of it.

    Well the Bible approves of slavery, incest, beating one's wife, and a lot of other things that we now eschew.

    So someone out there please give me a reason that does not include the bible of the past.

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  • DOOM
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    No. I'm pretty sure the gay marriage ban passed in California for the second time because a majority of the people in California disagree with gay marriage.

    I don't care either way, but this is a classic example of a group of people being too shortsighted to realize that others might disagree with them.

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    I read they raised 20 million to help oppose the bill. I still think the class trip for elementary school children at their lesbian teachers wedding ticked a lot of people off. Happened like a month before the election.

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    I think black/white/christian/non-christian, basically anyone with a brain, knows that legalizing gay marriage is a waste of money, time and effort. Think about it...most gay people cheat on eachother much quicker than man/woman couples...the courts would be filled with divorce cases, fighting over barry manilow cd's, pet cats, etc. It'd be a mess. They can live together all they want, but jit's senseless to legalize something. People wanna say that christians are trying to impose their ideas on everyone, but if you think about it, who's really trying to change the way we've lived for hundreds of's the gays. quit trying to impose your lifestyle on US!!

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    Of course not! The LDS only make up about 2% of the entire population. How anyone can believe that the church has so much power is ridiculous. However, it is very convenient for them to have such an easy target that is already generally mistrusted.

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    I would like to say that proposition 8 was agenda motivated in the first place. Churches are tax exempt considered a non-profit organization.But to be a tax exempt organization you must not teach HATE, and with gay marriages made into law it would be by definition hate teachings. This was more liberal motivated than it was Gays. Liberal government hate when they cant tax something and this was another way to attempt it. Furthermore a judge that decides your religion beliefs is a scary day! Laws aren't made by judges, they are there to uphold them!

  • Taffi
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    The citizens of California, who each cast their own ballot, are to "blame" Say what you will, but at the end of the day,the majority of Californians don't want gay marriage in their state.

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