How can we all convert?

How can we convert Lust to Chastity?

How can we convert Gluttony to Temperance?

How can we convert Greed to Charity?

How can we convert Sloth to Diligence?

How can we convert Wrath to Patience?

How can we convert Envy to Kindness?

How can we convert Pride to Humility?

What are few things we must remember for the Jihad/Inner Struggle against the 7 deadly sins?

Thanks so much for enlightening. Peace, Love and Blessings!


I am not a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim. I am just the dust in the path of Jesus, Muhammed and Moses. Nothing more! Peace, Love, Joy and Blessings!

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    Through understanding that true Love seeks not for itself.

    Through understanding that comfort is found within not outside.

    Through understanding that seeing our brother lack is the same as depriving our own body.

    Through understanding that work is a blessing and less exhausting than laziness.

    Through understanding that we to are in need of patience at some point in our lives.

    Through understanding material things are illusory and only a fool would desire an illusion.

    Through understanding that humility is born of dignity while pride is born of low self worth.

  • Hmmm. Mind over matter eh? I hate to say "I don't know," because surely the answer must be in there somewhere.

    I need a better definition of some of those supposedly deadly sins.

    It's true that, for me, for example, lust leads to self-pity, which hurts me. But then what is chastity?

    I'm too busy struggling with the questions to focus on the answers!

  • Doreen
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    I was born into a Catholic family. By the time I had finished second grade in a Catholic school I begged my mother to let me go to public school. The only thing I can think of that I didn't like was the rigidity. From then on I had no interest in Catholicism. When I was 19 I briefly lived with an older sister who was a born again fundie. To keep peace until I moved out I gave in to her relentless demand that I become one myself. That took me about 4 months. Most of my adult life my back has been turned away from organized religion. I've known far too many hypocrites. In my late 30's I began having some interest in both Christian Gnostic beliefs and Buddhism. For about 5 years I was very interested in Buddhism mainly, but I wouldn't say I was Buddhist. I saw the Dalai Lama at Rutger's University in 2005. At this point I find myself trying to follow the teachings of Christ. This by no means is to say I subscribe to Mainstream Christianity. But there are many similarities between what Buddha taught and what Christ taught. Ultimately my beliefs are that we can attain great spiritual growth by very simple and basic rules that require no specific religion: Be good to others, and usually good will come back to you. Forgive others and they will likely forgive you. Do not cling to the world's view of life and materialism and you will find that you will suffer less. Yes, I believe in a higher power. For simplistic purposes I call that power "God". I do not believe people who think/believe differently than I do go to hell. Including atheists. The idea that people believe are "saved" even though they do horrible things against others is patently absurd. Same thing goes for people who believe even the most moral, kind and generous atheist will burn forever. edit- crap. I guess I didn't really answer what you asked. Umm.. this forum only reinterates my current beliefs. How's that?!

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    Once I gave up religion I gave up all the lusts and troubles.

    A close connection with God gives me a close connection with myself. Why would I want to hurt God OR myself?

    Now, I simply exist. I watch people walk by or drive by. I greet those who give me the honor of a look into their eyes. I judge no one and I am like water that flows down and through everything. I can be all over something one minute and down the road the next but I have harmed no one and sometimes I have learned something in the process. That to me is what life is all about.

    Peace, Love, and Light!

    I AM


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    Salaam to you

    hard question.....

    well, struggle against our own evil desires are the most critical -jihad-translated in English to noble struggle.

    The means to convert our evil inner desires to good one are : praying for god's help, increase our -zikr- day and night, praying at night before dawn remember death and after death and finally by making this earthly life as wild sea and our deeds as a sail

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    Being Aware of this deadly sins itself is a stepping stone to conversion.

    Nobody will know the meaning of light if there is no darkness.

    Negative and positive are parallel tracks. Let us try to run on the positive track.

  • Ram
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    Dear Sir,

    All these qualities can be achieved by practising humanity in a very simple manner without going into complexities. The obstacles arise when we try to become more intelligent than we are.

  • Anonymous
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    a few phrases that will help you brother.


    If you lack this feature you will be more likely to fall for shaitans' traps and commit sins. Fearing the last day, the fires of hell, not letting heaven fall out of your grasp (by doing good deeds).


    Lets just admit it, we have all sinned, but what are we doing to ask for forgiveness, just sitting around and doing it again. We repent and seek his help in doing so and not committing the crime again.

    I don't have any hadiths on me right now but that is what I can help you with, I'll post up some stuff wait.

    Source(s): Those who offer their Salat (prayers) with all solemnity and full submissiveness. (Mu’minun 23 / 2) And those who turn away from Al-Laghw (dirty, false, evil vain talk, falsehood, and all that Allah has forbidden. (Mu’minun 23 / 3) And those who pay the Zakat. (Mu’minun 23 / 4) And those who guard their chastity (i.e. private parts, from illegal sexual acts) (Mu’minun 23 / 5) Except from their wives or (the slaves) that their right hand possess, - for then, they are free from blame (Mu’minun 23 / 6) Those who are faithfully true to their Amanat (all the duties which Allah has ordained, honesty, moral responsibility and trusts) and to their covenants. (Mu’minun 23 / 8) And those who strictly guard their (five compulsory congregational) Salawat (prayers) (at their fixed stated hours). (Mu’minun 23 / 9) Verily, those who live in awe for fear of their lord. (Mu’minun 23 / 57) And those who believe in the Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) of their Lord. (Mu’minun 23 / 58)
  • Oh yes, The Seven Deadly Sins. These are the purpose in our lives to learn how to be free of. The very same, our adversary uses to tempt us and prevent us from maintaining our relationship with God.

    I feel it is most difficult to maintain a level of resistance with one of these, let alone all seven, within one lifetime!

    Some of us are not even aware of them. It has taken me many years to learn, understand and defeat them.

    However, "fear and doubt" runs parallel to all of these.

    Source(s): Thank you, I appreciate this very thought-provoking question.
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    Faith in the inner being/strength and courage to manifest it by turning inside out rather than outside in! The grace and beauty of the world/life is revealed then, to bring out the qualities you have listed.

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