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how to calm a toy dog ?

my dog is shivering what sued i do

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    I have 6 small dogs and have found that they tend to shiver if they are a bit scared of something,it has only happened a couple of times as they are all confident dogs but they did it when smaller.I would just hug them and reassure them that it was ok.Little dogs are known for the shaking.

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    We need to know what happened to make the dog shiver. If she is shivering because she is injured you need to take her to the vet. If she is cold warm her up. If she is just feeling nervous or scared then ignore her completely. Do not cuddle the dog or tell her/him she/he is a good dog or anything like that. If you do that it will make you feel better only. The dog will interpret it as you are telling her she is a good dog for shaking and being nervous. You would be reinforcing the behavior. If she doesn't stop after a few minutes, redirect her attention with a toy and play with her. I would give more specific advice, but I don't know all the specifics. Good luck.

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    Are they cold? Wandering on cold floors like tile or even wood can be enough. A little doggy jacket might help...

    Was someone/something making them nervous? If it was strangers in the house, slowly and calmly introduce them to the people, one at a time. Hold or pat your dog, and allow the dog to sniff at the person before they pat. Avoid other peoples children, they can completely accidentally do serious damage to a small dog. Giving the dog a safe, quiet place, like a basket in the corner of the living room, might help.

    In general, to calm any kind of dog, you should talk to them very quietly and slowly, keeping the pitch of your voice low (if you're female). Approach them slowly, crouch down so you don't seem so big, and stroke them from head to tail in slow, long strokes. Don't scruff them behind the ears.

    To help you further we need to know - what kind of dog (poodle? chihuahua? cockapoo?), how old is it, how long has it lived with you, is it a shelter dog, and in what scenarios is it shaking (just random? when excited? when it sees another dog? when people come over?).

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    They shiver to help keep themselves warm. Also, they shiver to get water or bugs off of them.

    Pain can cause tremoring or trembling and is a consideration whenever a disc injury or spinal

    injury is suspected. If this is the case pain relievers should at least help some.

    Neurologic, muscular and skeletal problems sometimes lead to trembling. We see this in

    conjunction with hip dysplasia (joint pain) and with degenerative myelopathy (decreased nerve

    function). These particular disorders probably aren't likely in your dog but there are others that

    are less common that can lead to trembling.

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    see a vet if you think it may be caused by a physical condition besides cold.if the dog is afraid visit this site to learn how to help him feel less afraid

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    what sort off dog is it? if its a small dog well small dogs like jack Russel's always shack even if there hot its just there nature but u can maby try to cuddel up with him/her it might be coz he/she feels scard and a worm hug might make them feel safe

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    Call lestermount

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    First of all, there is no such thing as a toy dog. What does "sued" mean?

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