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How do i get a business website that sells goods to peoples everywhere using credit cards?

I am thinking of starting a website that sells books to the rest of the world using credit cards. so i need to understand everything that i need for my website. And about the bank account, the web host,...just everything there is.

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    One thing you can do is pick a web host that allows instant setup of e-commerce scripts, this will allow you to have an instant shopping cart/store system ready to go. You can then integrate it with Paypal (the easiest way) in order to accept payments. Then you can load the store with your book products that you want to sell.

    Here is information on a good web host to use:

    You should avoid hosts that offer "unlimited" space/bandwidth as this is somewhat of a scam. You should also avoid hosts that offer ridiculous amounts of space/bandwidth, such as 10GB space for only $5/month. Hosts like this overload and oversell servers, and are bad news for anyone who wants reliability.

    You should also avoid answers here that send you to review sites, as those sites make money off commissions and rank hosts based on how much money they'll get paid, not on how good they are. You should avoid answers here that look like they are affiliate links as well, for the same reason. is exactly what you need. Support is great! They will help you set up your website, and they will provide you with any help you need. Note that I am not using an affiliate link or sending you to a review site.

    -They provide awesome personalized support

    -They know how to handle all your business needs

    -They never oversell

    -They never overload servers

    -They offer realistic plans

    -You actually get what they say you get

    -There is no fake "unlimited" space or bandwidth

    -There is no fake "50,000 GB" space or bandwidth

    -They will help you with anything you need help with

    -They will put you on a super fast server

    -Every server has at least dual quad core processors

    -Every server has at least 4GB of RAM

    -Every server has strict account limitations

    -Most companies average 300 accounts per server

    -Hostamina averages 100 accounts per server

    -Instant Shopping Carts, Blogs, Forums, PHP-Nuke, Joomla, and more!

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    In a flat world, I'd recommend that you hire someone to help you with the build out of your site. Sites like www.elance and are a place where you can hire very skilled programmers, web designers/developers that can build your site just the way you want it. The key is to know what you want and be able to define it very clearly where defining the project to the programmer/developer you end up hiring to help you build the site. I'd focus on thinking about your business and hire someone else to build the site for you. If you are thinking about selling books, I'd pick a niche where you can effectively compete instead of being too general. Amazon largely has the general category locked up.

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    Books are a fast way to lose money in a world where everything is online.

    And, if you have to ask about everything, you're not ready for a stand-alone web store.

    Set up a selling account on ebay and learn the ropes first.

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    Once you have a website you will need to get a shopping cart and a merchant account and a payment processing gateway.

    The shopping cart allows you to host your books on your website. There you will set your prices, shipping cost etc.

    The merchant account is what allows you to accept credit cards for your books. This is setup with a credit card acquirer. You will need to apply for this account and be approved. Generally you need a fair credit history, be a US citizen over 18 years old and have a bank account. We provide merchant accounts at

    You will also need a payment processing gateway. This is what connects your shopping cart to your merchant account. is one of the largest and most respected payment gateways on the Internet. Your merchant account provider also provides you the gateway in most cases. We provide with our merchant accounts.

    Source(s): Merchant account and payment gateway provider
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    For the web host I recommend DreamHost, because it's so reliable and affordable. They have the best customer service and support E-commerce.

    In the case of storage and bandwidth, they are offering unlimited storage space and bandwidth for their 11th anniversary.

    You can buy a domain and a host together from DreamHost for only $69.40. Just enter the promo code DISCOUNT50PROMO and get a $50 discount.

    For more information go to this address:

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    I'd be glad to give you a response that will help inform you of your needs so you can make the best decision to move forward. In order to have a website that can sell your books and collect/process credit card payments, you'll need the following things:

    1) Domain Name - The domain name is the website address that people will type into their web browser's address bar when attempting to access your website. An example of this would be "". Depending on the hosting company you choose, you can pay anywhere from $0 to $35 for a top-level domain name (.com, .net., .org) .

    When choosing your domain name, it's a good idea to include a keyword or keyphrase (multiple keywords) into your domain name. There is a long checklist of things you can do to improve your website's visibility and ranking in search engines, and this is one of them. I would also recommend registering your domain name for a minimum of 2-years. The reasoning behind this is that the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. have started to give lower rankings to websites that have registered their domain names for less than 2 years because there are too many fradulant companies on the internet that register their domain names for 1-year. By doing this, they are hopeing to clean up the web and rid it of those non-consumer friendly sites.

    2) Web Hosting - Web hosting can be best described as "Storage Space" for your website files. In order for people to view your website on the internet, you must have a web hosting account. There are thousands of web hosting companies on the internet, some better than others.

    There are 2 types of web hosting....Shared and Dedicated web hosting. Shared hosting is when you're renting storage space on a computer that also has other people's websites on it. Dedicated hosting is when your website is the only website on the computer.

    In your case, you'll most likely only need shared web hosting to start, which is significantly less expensive. Shared web hosting costs generally range from $5.00 - $20.00 a month, while some companies require you to pre-pay for 6-months or 1-year upfront.

    If your website really takes off and you start getting thousands and thousands of customers, you may look into moving to a dedicated hosting solution in the future, but that's not something you need to think about right now.

    3) Website - If you don't have a website already, you'll need to find a knowledgable web designer or web design company to create one for you. There are thousands of designers and companies out there that will be eager for you to part ways with your hard-earned money, so be cautious and make sure you ask questions about the service they can provide you before coming to a decision. A wise man once said "If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you see the cost to hire an amateur!" I have seen this all too many times, and really try my best to educate people on the pitfalls they can encounter when having a website built.

    Before you have someone start building your website, there are a few decisions you'll need to make first:

    A. How many pages do you need?

    When thinking about the web pages you need, don't worry about counting pages for your products since they will be a part of the store. We're strictly talking about "brochure" pages here. Generally, there are 3 pages that almost every website has. Those pages are "Home", "About Us", and "Contact Us".

    Your Home Page can be used as the "starting point" of your site and can highlight certain areas of your site or products that you want people to see. You can also use the Home Page to notify potential customers of a sale (15% off all books!) you have going.

    Your About Us Page can be used to tell your website visitors about your business, how it started, and what your company values are. One of the biggest hurdles to cross in converting sales on a website is making your website visitors comfortable enough to enter their credit card information into your website. This is no easy task, however, with a professional look and feel and well-written verbiage, you can expect to convert 2% - 3% of your visitors to sales.

    Your Contact Page will be used to give potential and existing customers methods to contact you. It's always a great idea to include multiple methods, including a toll-free 800 phone number, local phone number, fax number, mailing address, and e-mail address. If you have a physical store location, including a map to your address will give your customers an easy and convenient way to find your business. Google Maps and Mapquest are two websites that have free map tools you can use for your website.

    Here are some additional commonly used brochure web pages:

    - Our Services

    - Frequently Asked Questions

    - Site Map

    - Our Portfolio

    - Links

    - Customer Testimonials

    - Sales / Promotions

    B. How do you want your website to look?

    The way your website looks plays an important

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    I would sign up at and once the account is setup you can instantly install zen cart from your cpanel. Then sign up for a paypal account and all you have to do after that is login to your zen cart, add your products, and input your paypal email. No SSL required and a simple web account is all.

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    This one is pretty easy. I set up an E-commerce store for CD's awhile back for a client. This company set it up for free within 2 days of signing up for an account. I strongly suggest you contact them, especially if you want a low risk start up!

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