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各位教授您好! 很高興能有這機會參加本次面試,在此我將以英文做簡短的自我介紹。



學生透過 貴所的網頁及學校老師、同學的描述,得知貴所師資優良,有豐富的教學經驗,所裡有完善的設備。強烈的吸引學生進入貴所就讀的意願,再加上學生對於營建管理有極為濃厚的興趣,所以進入貴所成為學生的最優先目標。







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    Fellow professors hello! Very happy can have this opportunity to participate in this interview, here I will make brief self introduction by English. The university time, the student in the schoolwork the great effort study, and completes each matter by the earnest responsible manner. Therefore, has the good performance in the academic achievement, so far, always places all personnel second, then strengthened the belief which the student continues to study. After the class, the student participates in the mass organization moving enthusiastically, participates in the school the aerobic dancing society. Mass organization period, has been the important cadre, conducts has moved many times. Experience which moves because of the participation mass organization, believed that in the future will enter multiplex the society to have the help surely, also will let the student when the future facing the new challenge will have the confidence. The student by the expensive homepage and school teacher, schoolmate's description, knew that the expensive teachers are fine, have the rich teaching experience, in the institute have the consummation equipment. The intense attraction student enters the wish which expensive goes study, in addition the student regarding builds the management to have the extremely strong interest, therefore enters the expensive into student most the primary goal/target. The hope will enter the research institute in the future, can study even more diligently, raises itself to become a specialized talented person.

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