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有人可以幫我翻譯專業的英文嗎?幫幫忙 不要用電腦直接翻譯唷

Attempting in a conflict situation to counter a certain opinion by stating own opinion with the greatest possible engagement is based on the assumption that the other person can only be tugged away from his ““bogged down”” position by our increased engagement in our own point of view.

Frequently, however, the opposite is what happens: the more active engagement

entrenches the front, resulting in the opponent not only assuming the role we have given him, but also - in order to re-establish a balance of opinion - taking an even more extreme position in the opposing direction.

When two understandable values (like abstinence and indulgence) get out of hand and become two hardly acceptable “”non-values””(like total abstinence and overindulgence) a negative tension builds up.

“Every value is only a true value when it is held in an endured tension to its positive opposite value” (HELWIG, 1965, p.66). That is difficult to accept. We often feel that value relationships are misshapen and notice that for ethical reasons we really should not give up our point of view. But as soon as values - in a relative sense as well - get out of control and become “non-values”, we have won nothing and an agreement is hardly going tobe possible. In a democratic system new positions can only be dialectically (thesis ⇔ antithesis⇒ synthesis) developed.

請各位大大不要用電腦翻譯機翻譯 另外還有一篇文章 一共兩篇 共30點贈給大家 謝謝~~!!



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    在衝突的情形下, 對於有極大可能成立的契約, 試圖以我們自身的觀點去回應特定的意見, 這個契約是建立在假設的基礎上, 導致於對方從固執己見的情形被以我們意見為主的契約所支配

    然而, 通常對立會發生就是因為: 越激進型的契約在開頭確立之時, 就導致了敵對!不僅是我們所給對方的傲慢角色所造成, 也是因為在對立的意見中再次重新重建平衡 – 在相反的意見中, 取得更是極端的定位

    當兩個可理解的價值 (像是節制跟放縱)完全失去控制而且變成兩個很難以被接受的”非價值觀”(像是完全的節制跟完全的放縱), 加大了負面情緒

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  • 1 decade ago


    頻繁地,然而,對面是發生了什麼: 更加活躍的訂婚


    當二可理解的價值(像節慾和嗜好)時失控並且成為二幾乎不可接受的「非價值」 (像總節慾和過分放縱)消極緊張加強。

    「每價值是仅一個真實值,當在對它正面的忍受的緊張舉行在價值對面」时(HELWIG 1965年, p.66)。 那是困難接受。 我們經常認為價值關係殘廢並且注意為道德原因我們不應該真正地放弃我們的觀點。 但是,當價值-在相對感覺-失去控制並且成為「非價值」,我們什麼都沒贏取,並且協議幾乎不是可能去的tobe。 在一個民主系統新的位置可能(論文⇔ 反題⇒綜合)辨證只被發展。


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