Sites with t-shirts like threadless in AUSTRALIA?

Because of the horrible exchange rate at the moment, I'd rather not waste my money on threadless. Are there any Australian sites like threadless or anywhere where I could get threadless-type shirts in Australia?

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    I can totally understand where you are coming from. I'm not sure about a website in Australia but I have found some stores where you can buy the awesome Threadless t-shirts.

    I live in Canberra, A.C.T. and in the city in Canberra in a little shop in garema place is a store called 'Felt'. This store is very small but the walls are lined head to toe with Threadless tees as well as other assorted accessories.

    The other store in Canberra is also in the city, in Garema place, called 'The Music Shop'. In here they sell lots of tee's and I have been told they sell threadless tees too. I know that you may not live in Canberra so the store 'felt' may not be of any use to you but 'The Music Shop' is all around Australia.

    Hope this helps!! If you need to the phone number for the 'Felt' store or 'The Music Shop' I can see what I can do.


    Source(s): Civic, Centre of the City in Canberra
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    7 years ago

    Depends on what you need. If it's the same idea as Threadless, but locally, try Red Bubble. They host indie T-shirt designers and you'll find stuff just as creative as Threadless. It's not a 'crowd source' site where members vote like at Threadless, it's more a market place that hosts indie designers. Avoid Zazzle - there's too much crap to wade through.

    Another unbelievably good site is (was) In the Now. Different designers making shirts each week. They seem to have retired the site recently though.

    A popular rival of Threadless is Design by Humans, but then you'd have the same exchange rate issue you mentioned.

    But if you like Threadless then just buy them locally. Not only cheaper but weeks faster with postage. Birdsnest have a few designs, but by far, the largest range is at Tokyo Tower. Excellent shirts and they stock 30 or 40 Threadless shirts. Other US companies too.

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