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rec asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

Insurance that doesn't have a military/war clause?

My husband and I are looking to add to our life insurance policies now that we have a child and more assets. He currently has a small policy through USAA, in addition to his SGLI. The "family" policy I have at work doesn't cover deaths during acts of war, declared or undeclared. I'm wondering if there are any policies we can add that don't have a similar exemption?

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    Every insurance company is different, but I have found that when I challenged them on these kinds of aspects they have responded favorably.

    For instance, I am a rated aviator and many insurance companies have an aviation rate-up that charges a higher premium because of my occupation. I debated with broker and state my case that flying is safer than many other activities that they don't rate up. He agreed and adjusted my policy.

    A war clause should also be challenged. There were more Americans killed in DUI -elated incidents than combat deaths during the Vietnam War. The two wars that were in now have significantly lower death rates than Vietnam.

    I would present an argument along these lines and if they don't agree, then I would change insurance companies. Just like everyone else nowadays they are hurting for business too.

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    USAA is the only one that I am sure of you may check CUNA they offered some sort of life insurance through Navy Federal Credit Union a while back.

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    1 decade ago

    In addition, your husband also gets up to 400,000 on the SGLI program, and can opt to get you a 100,000 on the spouses program through the military. He just has to update his paperwork and request it on the form...then turn that into his orderly room.

    Source(s): US Army, 18 years
  • 1 decade ago

    You have the option of getting more insurance from the military

    It's true. See the post from the 18 year Army person

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    1 decade ago

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