is there a statue of limitations on judgments in texas?

i was sued for getting in an auto accident without insurance. they place a judgement against me and my licence is suspended until it is payed. is there a statue of limitations on that type of judgment? i am in texas.

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    Your license was suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicles for not having insurance. I don't believe it is because of the monetary liability to the other driver. DMV usually suspends a driver's license for 1 year for such an infraction, you need to ask them for the specific duration of your suspension.

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    A civil judgment in Texas becomes dormant ten years from the date it is signed and entered, unless the clerk of the court (at the request of the prevailing party) issues a writ of execution during that time. The judgment then becomes dormant ten years after the date of the issuance of the writ.

    Some plaintiffs have writs issued every nine years or so to keep a judgment from going dormant.

    If the plaintiff is a corporation, remember that it will likely outlive you.

    Most judgments have post-judgment interest included, so each year that you do not pay it off, the debt grows larger.

    Additionally, if you try to borrow years from now and realize that you may have to pay the judgment debt before you can get the loan, if the plaintiff's attorney has retired to places unknown or has died, you will have to go through some trouble to have the debt taken care of.

    Source(s): 30 years experience in civil litigation
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    For judgments in Texas it is 10 years, but can be kept alive if the creditor keeps filing renewals then it can go on forever. For uncollected debits it is 4 years. Your situation is that your license is suspended for failure of financial responsibility.

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    statue of limitation refers to a time limitation in which to bring an action. If you are talking about did the opposing party bring the action within the statute of limitaitons - then you would have to check with a lawyer in your area. So if you owe all this money and can't drive - how are you suppose to work and make money - i don't get it..

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    I think after 10 years credit debts are technically expired, but judgements must be paid. Sorry buddy, catch the bus.

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    No. You have to pay the debt.

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