how many women have started wars?

Queen Elizabeth but anyone else? and also have women played any major rolls in the planing and execution of wars?

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    Cleopatra certainly started wars, by trying to set up a rival empire to Rome, in partnership with Mark Anthony. and Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni, staged a major rebellion against the might of Rome, though she was severely provoked. Another Queen who rebelled against Rome was Zenobia of Palmyra. Like Boudicca, she was defeated, but unlike Boudicca was allowed to live.

    Aefelflaed, the 'Lady of the Mercians' daughter of Alfred the Great of Wessex, fought against the Danes, with her husband the King of Mercia, and after his death led the army herself, and eventually died in battle fighting them.

    Matilda of Tuscany fought against the Austrian Emperor in support of the Pope. She governed a large part of Italy in her own right, and was a major military leader.

    Joan of Arc did not start a war, she participated in one. The Hundred Years War had been going on for - well, nearly a hundred years, by the time she entered it. But she was a military leader of note, who raised the seige of Orleans and had the Dauphin crowned King of France at Rheims.

    Margaret of Anjou fought for her husband King Henry VI of england aginst his rival the Duke of York.

    Lakshmibai (the Valiant Rani) queen of Jhansi, fought fearlessly against the British in the Indian Mutiny in the 1850s, and died in battle.

    Margaret Thatcher succesfully implemented the war against Argentina in the Falkland Islands.

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    To add to the above, Deborah was a famous general in the Old Testament.

    Pretty well any female ruler you can name was in a war, from Cleopatra to Queen E to Maggie Thatcher. (PM of England during the British war over the Falkland Islands, early 1980s)

    Once in power, they're just as willing to wage war as men - Unfortunately, otherwise, people would walk all over them.

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    Joan of Arc


    Elizabeth I of England

    Anne of Great Britain- a war is actually named after her "Queen Anne's War" it was a war of the Spanish Succession

    Victoria of the United Kingdom (not actually but she was involved in the Opium wars between the UK and China)

    Margaret of Anjou- Wars of the roses (she actually was one of the main players in the war)

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    all the above are correct

    one interesting one is Harriet Beecher Stowe, President Linkon attributed the Civil War to her novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, it caused so much outrage over slavery, it gave the northerners something to fight for

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    Many of the women who have ruled have started wars. Although many of them 'had to' to be able to strengthen their position of power.

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    Boudica and Joan of Ark come to mind immediately.... but I didn't do history, so I'm not the best person to ask.

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    the trojan war

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