What are your biggest problems while camping?

For a class I have to pick some sort of product associated with camping (but not a tent) and improve on it.

The problem is that I am definitely not a camper! I went once for one night! I'm not even sure what kind of things are used!

Could you just let me know your biggest problems when you are camping (rain leaks through the sleeping bag, fire won't start, going to the bathroom, etc.) so that I have some sort of starting point? Thanks!

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    Since I also backpack quite a bit when camping, one problem I have is finding a good small stove with a stable top. Quite often, I set up my stove as level as I can but the pah just wants to slide off the top! That means I have to hold the pan the entire time my food is heating up. Find a small backpack stove where a slight difference from level won't be a problem and you got something going.

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    Most people camp in the summer when all the bugs are out. So, generally most campers run into the mosquitoes and get eaten alive. Also, I having a sleeping system that is comfortable for you when you wake up in the morning, I always have a stiff back when I get up during the camping trips. Maybe something that is more bug proof, and comfortable to use, that won't take up all the room in the tent, so that you can pack up to go a lot faster.

  • Trish
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    When I go to deer camp, it's not as if I'm out backpacking or canoeing in the deep wilderness. I'm at an established campground where I pull my car up by the picnic table and the firepit. I even sleep in the back of the car! (It's a Honda Fit hatchback.)

    It's more secure for a woman camping alone to sleep in a locked vehicle, but it's COLD! The heat just goes right out through the metal and glass. I could use a heater or electric blanket that plugs into the cigarette lighter but doesn't leave you with a dead battery by morning. Or if you could make a heater that burns something like propane, kerosene, or lamp oil, that is safely vented to the outside so that the carbon monoxide wouldn't build up in the car, that would be great.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why not tents? I'm a 6'2 250 lb person and finding a free standing tent that i can get my long sleeping bag into and not kiss a wall in the process is a problem

    You want a problem ? There's one right there; gear for big people >While we do care about weight we don't get obsessive about it because we can easily carry heavier pack-weights ..and the gear manufacturers haven't quite gotten the message yet

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    - smelly outhouses

    - water on the floor in the shower area

    - hauling water long distances

    - watching your back for cougars and bears

    - wet fire wood

    - tent mate snoring (drop water on his face while he's sleeping, he'll wake up wondering what happened)

    - cold boots in the morning

    - having to pee in the middle of the night

    - food stuck to the bottom of your pan

    - forgot the toilet paper (worked with a guy named dave that forgot toilet paper and used Wonderbread from his sandwich to wipe his bum as he was above the treeline with no vegetation to use)

    - running out of food

    - touching poison ivy

    - ants in your pants

    - forgot your food

    - being followed by a moose

    - mice in the campsite Yuk!

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    My biggest problem is meal time. I usually end up going into town to find a restaurant. It's kind of a hassle to set up a camp stove and cook stuff.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I got tripped over tent lines in the day and also in the dark. its so dangerous.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have only been camping a couple of times and I hate the fact that you have to get all your togs on to venture out for a pee in the middle of the night!! This make you need to pee almost constantly.;..I would rather stay in a place that has a loo within the living space. My second moan is breathing in other folks air in such a small space..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like the stove problem - had it many times myself - very frustrating.

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